Project Focus – two down, another comes

First there was Alphonso Albert, then there was Assistant City Manger Marcus Jones, now according to an email just received from Beverly Sexton, we have a new leader for Project Focus in Denby Park, Assistant City Manager Barbara Lai. Project Focus is truly magical. “Hocus Focus”, POOF!!! a new leader appears.


One Response to Project Focus – two down, another comes

  1. ANON. says:

    I am completely convinced that the Down Town Faction of Norfolk’s City Tyrrany has no ontention of doing anythig, outside of token items, anywhere but DOWN TOWN!

    Project “Hocus Pocus” on Little Creek Road is a fine example of Smelly Smoke & Foggy Mirrors.
    Very few concerned citizens were taken in by this ongoing shell game of “lets see how I can get a good job for my cronies” being played by our City Manager.

    Any really concerned citizen will take the up-comming May Councilmatic elections as a first chance to begin real change. We need to elect people who will work for our whole city. This includes the parts north of the Granby Street Bridge and East of Tidewater Drive. Barclay “NO-Winn” and “Daun Schyster Hester” have only served at the Court of Pharo Fraim.

    You can trust the campaign promises of our incumbent City Council about as much as you can count on your Storm Water Removal Fees being used to “Save the Bay”.

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