Denby Park Project Focus May Newsletter

May 6, 2009
Denby Park Project Focus Newsletter

Denby Park Project Focus Newsletter

Denby Park Project Focus Newletter Page 2

Denby Park Project Focus Newletter Page 2


Project Focus March, 2009 Newsletter

March 27, 2009




Project Focus January Newsletter

January 22, 2009



Project Focus January Newsletter PDF

Project Focus November Newsletter

November 26, 2008


Project Focus Denby Park November Newsletter pg.1

Project Focus Denby Park November Newsletter pg.1

Project Focus Denby Park November Newsletter pg.2

Project Focus Denby Park November Newsletter pg.2

Denby Park, Oakdale Farms, Monticello Village – Request for Programs

October 9, 2008

NRHA will be mailing a “Request for Programs” to residents in the Denby Park, Oakdale Farms, and Monticello Village neighborhoods.  Residents who are interested in the programs that are now available to the Special Services District are asked to review the document and indicate which program they are interested in and return the request to Joni Stahl by mail, fax, or email.

Joni Stahl
Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority
201 Granby Street, 9th Floor
Norfolk, VA  23510.

Fax: 314-1302

Here is the “Request for Programs” (PDF).

March Civic Connection

March 7, 2008

The Civic Connection is produced by the City of Norfolk on a monthly basis. Below are some highlights from January’s edition.


Project Focus activity in Denby Park. City Administration has been working diligently on improving the Denby Park area in spite of the many challenges it has faced. Some outcomes of the small meetings and walk-through include tree trimming and park maintenance, overlapping police patrols, bi weekly street sweeping, and the Department of Public Works has an ongoing review of traffic patterns and pedestrian safety crossing along little Creek Road. The Administration is also working on a number of youth initiatives. These initiatives include expanded enforcement of truancy and curfew violations and the development of new programs including the Police Youth Academy, partnership with the YMCA for First T (youth golf program) and a youth chess program.
In an effort to ensure all shifts were aware of the issues involved in Denby Park, the Administration requested two police officers from each shift to participate in a walk through last fall in order to hear first hand the issues the residents of Denby Park want addressed.


Project Focus Initiatives. The City is working on enhancement to the Neighborhood mapper application currently deployed on the Internet. The new version includes a search function that allows the user to select one of the three Project Focus areas. The new version also includes additional information on activities related to code enforcement, zoning violations, placarded buildings, and waste management violations. These enhancements include data from the HTE system and stand alone databases. Currently the data is updated monthly, but a future goal is to have the data refreshed on a weekly basis.
The new version of Neighborhood Mapper will be available on the GIS Internet web page by mid-month.

Norfolk Police need help finding Anthony M. Scott

February 11, 2008

Norfolk Police need help finding Anthony M. Scott, who has been charged with malicious wounding and using a gun during a felony.   He is wanted in connection with a Feb. 2nd shooting in the 300 block of San Antonio Blvd.

Scott, 32, also uses the nickname “Ant.”

He is described as black, 5 feet, 7 inches tall, the release says. He weights [sic] 200 pounds and wears his hair in corn rows. He could be driving a gold or silver Mazda MPV.

He is known to visit the San Antonio Boulevard area, the release says.

Virginian-Pilot article here.

Project Focus – two down, another comes

February 6, 2008

First there was Alphonso Albert, then there was Assistant City Manger Marcus Jones, now according to an email just received from Beverly Sexton, we have a new leader for Project Focus in Denby Park, Assistant City Manager Barbara Lai. Project Focus is truly magical. “Hocus Focus”, POOF!!! a new leader appears.

January Civic Connection Updates

January 22, 2008

The Civic Connection is produced by the City of Norfolk on a monthly basis. Below are some highlights from January’s edition.

Recent Action by City Council

  • Approved the concept of a memorandum of understanding between the City and the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority and authorized the City Manager to negotiate the agreement. It will establish a program to help the City address blighted areas through NRHA. Council also designated the first neighborhoods to be included in the program: Denby Park, Monticello Village, and Oakdale Farms.
  • Approved an ordinance for the possible future use of surveillance cameras in Project Focus neighborhoods (currently Denby Park, Olde Huntersville and Pleasant Avenue in East Ocean View. The ordinance Council outlines the process by which neighborhoods or the police chief can request the installation of cameras and where the cameras would be placed. The purposes of the cameras would be to deter crime, assist in the apprehension of known suspects, and to reduce public fear in perceived higher-crime areas. The next step is the issuance of a Request for Proposal for a contractor to help the City investigate technology and issues regarding the placement of cameras. Council would hold a public hearing prior to implementing any program in a neighborhood.
  • Established “rental inspection districts” for each of the three Project Focus areas (Denby Park, Olde Huntersville, and the Pleasant Avenue area of East Ocean View). The Department of Neighborhood Preservation is in charge of implementing the rental inspection program and notifying renters and owners.
    The program allows the City to inspect all of the units in a property with fewer than 10 units. For a multiple family (10 or more units) complex in the initial and periodic inspections the codes compliance office shall inspect only a sampling of the total dwelling units of not less than two and not more than ten percent of the dwelling units However If the codes compliance office determines upon inspection of the sampling of dwelling units that there are violations of the building code that affect the safe decent and sanitary living conditions for the tenants of such multiple family complex the codes compliance office may inspect as many dwelling units as necessary to enforce the building code. Once a property is found in compliance, it cannot be re-inspected for four years except at the request of a tenant.

Contracts – Notice to Proceed
Wards Corner Signal / ADA Improvements
Contractor: Highway Electric, Inc.
NTP Date: December 3, 2007

City Council to vote tonight on Wards Corner initiatives

December 4, 2007

City Council is scheduled to vote tonight on a number of issues that affect the Wards Corner Partnership Area :

1.  The establishment of a rental inspection district in Denby Park,

2.  The creation of a “Special Service Area Program”,

3.  The inclusion of Denby Park, Monticello Village, and Oakdale Farms in the “Special Service Area”, and

4.  The establishment of the Department of Neighborhood Preservation.

November Civic Connection Updates

November 30, 2007

Updates related to the Wards Corner Partnership area, taken from November’s Civic Connection:

• PROJECT FOCUS. The Civic Connection says “A Youth Academy for residents of the Denby Park neighborhood began on November 19, 2007, the Crossroads Recreation Center, and will run for four weeks.” This is untrue. The Denby Park Youth Academy has been postponed indefinitely for lack of interest in the program.

• TRUCK RESTRICTIONS. The Norfolk Police Department began enforcement of a new city ordinance passed by the Norfolk City Council in October 2007 limiting truck traffic on Hampton Blvd., Granby St., and Church St. Enforcement of this ordinance prohibiting trucks of 4 axles or more from 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. Violation of this ordinance may result in a fine of $250.00. Members of the Norfolk Police Department have received training in preparation of enforcement of the new code from the staff of the City Attorney’s Office. Officers will be assigned to enforcement of this new ordinance in the initial week and there after as deemed necessary. Motorists can expect officers to strictly enforce any violation of this ordinance.

• CITY COUNCIL. Approved a resolution supporting passage by the General Assembly of legislation to prevent exploitative payday lending practices in Virginia.

• TRAFFIC SIGNAL BATTERY BACK-UPS. The Division of Transportation have installed and tested battery back-up systems at two intersections in Norfolk — Virginia Beach Boulevard and Military Highway, and Brambleton Avenue and St. Paul’s Boulevard – and plans to install the back-up system at other key locations. The new system will keep traffic signals operational during power failures and during periods of power fluctuation. Ideally, the traffic signal will continue its regular cycle, although it may – for a variety of reasons, enter a flashing red/ flashing yellow cycle. The back-up system ensures the safe operation of signals for a minimum of 4 hours. The next location planned to be equipped with battery back-ups is:
Hampton Boulevard and Terminal Boulevard

• SCHOOL FLASHING BEACONS. In an effort to ensure safe crossing at school zones, DOT has upgraded school flashing lights at Granby High School. The new flashing lights horizontal instead of vertical in order to increase the surface area visible to drivers, Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are now being used because they are brighter when they flash, and the background of the school flashing beacons are now florescent yellow-green which makes it apparent to drivers that they are crossing a school zone.

• ARTS COMMISSION. The Norfolk Commission on the Arts and Humanities is pleased to announce the December performances in its free, open to the public, Arts Within Reach series. Dec. 4 (Tues.) 7 pm Arts Within Reach. Virginia Symphony Holiday Brass Quintet. Members of the symphony’s brass section—Stephen Carlson, trumpet; David Vonderheide, trumpet; Wilford Holcombe, horn; Timothy Owner, trombone; Peter DuBeau, tuba; John Lindberg, percussion—ring in the holidays with a unique, seasonal concert. Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center, 7300 Newport Avenue. 664-4321

Project Focus: Youth Academy

November 12, 2007

One of the “tools” being utilized by the City of Norfolk and the Norfolk Police as a part of Project Focus are Youth Academys.

The Norfolk Police Department re-tooled its highly popular Citizen Police Academy for the youth audience to help young citizens know more about law enforcement and how it applies to them.

The first Youth Academy began this week in Olde Huntersville in the Huntersville Recreation Center with an enrollment of approximately 20.  A Youth Academy is planned for Denby Park and is set to begin on November 19 at the Crossroads Recreation Center.  The Academy will run for four weeks and participants are required to be accompanied by an adult.  Please encourage your children and your neighbors to be a park of the Denby Park Academy.
For more information, see the City of Norfolk News Release: Youth Academy Begins in Project Focus Areas 

VP: Denby Park to be initial target of “Project Focus”

September 24, 2007

The Virginian-Pilot reports that the Norfolk City Council had its annual retreat in Smithfield today and one of the things they addressed was the increase in crime in the City.  Specifically they mentioned increasing efforts in Denby Park in the Wards Corner area, the Pleasant Avenue area of East Ocean View and Huntersville initially.  Later this year efforts will expand to 10 other troubled neighborhoods, including Park Place and Fairmount Park.

The tools that the City intends to use are increased police patrols, code enforcement sweeps to clean up blighted property, and the rental inspection program that the Partnership has already been briefed on:

The interior of most rental units in the three neighborhoods would be inspected for code violations. If a unit passed, it would not be inspected again for four years.

Landlords also would be required to register a name, address and phone number with the city. 

Norfolk also would initiate landlord-city neighborhood improvement agreements. Landlords would be encouraged to do criminal background checks on tenants and to ban illegal behavior, such as drug dealing. In return, the city would provide enhanced services, such as improved lighting and sidewalks.

Surveillance cameras also would likely be used along several blocks of the three neighborhoods, although details haven’t been finalized.

Notably, the Council did decide to follow through and turn Denby Park, Oakdale Farms, and Monticello Village into a conservation area:

The council also directed Williams to begin the process of turning three Wards Corner neighborhoods into conservation areas, which is required for the city’s housing authority to be able to offer loans to rehabilitate housing.

Denby Park, Oakdale Farms and Monticello Village “were promised this,” Councilwoman Theresa Whibley said. “We need to keep that promise.”

Although not entirely clear or explained, it appears the increased patrols and code enforcement will only last a year:

“We believe we have to focus an intensive effort for a year to get these neighborhoods empowered,” Williams said.

Let’s hope that a year is all that it takes to empower those neighborhoods and let’s hope that there is a “bold move” around the corner.

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