Norfolk buys homes in blighted area –just not in Wards Corner

The Virginian-Pilot reports that Norfolk is purchasing 11 blighted homes in the Berkley and Campostella neighborhoods for 1.3 million.  Still no sign of any real action in Denby Park/Monticello Village.

6 Responses to Norfolk buys homes in blighted area –just not in Wards Corner

  1. Congratulations are in order to Councilpersons Paul Riddick and Daun Hester for getting a job done our Council representatives in Wards Corner haven’t yet felt was important enough.

  2. Beverly Sexton says:

    Well it gets even better.We have another new person for project focus.BARBARA LEI.She came up to me after city council last night wanting to talk.Guess every two months we get someone new.Help.I cannot do it alone but will try if have to.We need to go in groups to council and blast them til they hear us loud and clear.Enof is Enof

  3. RJ Luce says:

    Agree with Beverly Sexton, enough is enough. I too was at the City Council Meeting. Asked the council about Denby Park and the conservation district designation. Also spoke with Project Focus Leader number 2 and number 3, good people, good intentions, the feeling is coming through loud and clear the City Council and the City Manager would love for Wards Corner to drop off the map. No such luck! See you all at the next City Council meeting on Tuesday the 12th of February at 2:30 PM.

  4. Beverly Sexton says:

    I will be at the city council on tues. 12th.How many others will join us?
    Conservation plan Now.I just had a walk with Barbara LAI .3 hours not even half of denby park.Looks like starting all over again.The walk with the city people 3 weeks ago data not even in data base.Hum

  5. ANON. says:

    How long has Daun Hester been in office now? Her term is just about up and elections are in May. I’d say the troops are circling the wangon to make it look like she is doing something for her Super Ward now that there are rumors that there is a bright shinging star rising in the horizon. We wouldn’t want everyone to remember that she has only been out there working for her own self interest now would we.

  6. Eric Heard says:

    Maybe I missed something. I have been ill. What is this shining star in the horizon? Also not sure how I feel about the use of Anon on a comment.

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