Two more stores to close in Midtown Shopping Center

As if the Martone/Dalis “Midtown” Shopping Center in the northeast quadrant of Granby Street and Little Creek Road doesn’t have enough vacant store fronts,  today, I heard, from a reliable source, of two more closings. Payless ShoeSource and Simply Fashions will be closing their doors shortly. The Footlocker Store closed its doors for good on Monday of this week.


5 Responses to Two more stores to close in Midtown Shopping Center

  1. Laura Thom says:

    We really cannot tolerate any more vacancies in the Martone property. It is already the eyesore of Wards Corner proper. My only hope is that Ms. Dalis is not renewing leases nor renting to new tenants because she intends to tear down the current deteriorating structure and re-build. I just wish she would let us all know, because the property in its current is shameful.

  2. Leanne says:

    Evidently Simply Fashions will be moving across the street to the Perry block, leaving Payless with an empty store on either side on them which is not acceptable for security reasons. As a business owner on the Martone side, it then leaves me with 2 empty stores on one side and 5 empty stores on the other. How safe is that for my store as well. The frustration I feel can be very overwhelming. I just wish as tenants we were notified on any intentions (just as a courtesy for our future business plans) by Ms. Dalis. And also, if she has none and has no intention of renting out any of the empty stores, then it is only fair we be notified of that as well. It really is a sad situation for Wards Corner and us a business owner on this side.

  3. Leanne, I feel your pain. I know what it feels like to be in a shopping center with empty stores. It was a sad day when I had to close the doors to Uncle Louie’s after 21 years. If I made one mistake in business, it was in 1997 when I had the opportunity to move my business to Virginia Beach ,but instead listened to Harvey Lindsay’s advice and stayed in a shopping center that has an owner that really never cared about her tenants.

  4. Aimee Hart says:

    Does anyone know how Ms. Dalis is doing? Does she come and talk to groups? Can she/would she share with us her latest intentions…I often wonder as a new comer what was once in that building that has made it so no one will do something new with it – and as I begin to look to this area to start my family – will it be a place I want to have my children’s childhood memories made within? I am a true believer in preserving the past – esp. Norfolk’s great rich recent history – but preservation does not mean isolation or desertion.

  5. D.J. says:

    The tallest building at Wards Corner looks like a giant 1970’s Sanyo Boom Box. The windows across the top resemble the radio dial and the center window is the cassette door. The red brick areas are the speakers.

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