Wards Corner updates

The following are some quick updates from the Wards Corner Task Force meeting held on September 11, 2014 at the Fitness and Wellness Center.


The new mast arm poles and traffic light signals at W. Little Creek Rd and Armfield Ave will be installed by mid – late October.

The new mast arm poles and traffic light signals at E. Little Creek Rd and the new Harris Teeter shopping center will also be installed by mid – late October.

Wards Corner Business Association:

A Wards Corner Business Association has been re-started thanks to the work and dedication of Elyse Kalfus.  The first meeting was held on August 19th and 14 of the businesses in Wards Corner were represented.  Top priorities of crime and trash were mentioned.

A cleanup has been arranged with the Norfolk Sheriff’s department and the Business Association is in touch with VDOT on cleaning up their portions of Wards Corner as well.

Norfolk Southern has also been contacted and has agreed to do a cleanup of their property in Wards Corner.

Kroger / Workforce Development Center property:

Everyone was reminded that the City has an option to purchase this property that was built into their lease for the Workforce Development Center.  This option comes up in 2015.  If the City has not found a development partner by then, the City needs to step up and purchase the property to preserve it for appropriate future development in the corridor.


3 Responses to Wards Corner updates

  1. Sheri Hogue says:

    As far as the lot on the corner of Granby and Little Creek, wouldn’t it be great to just be open. Who needs another mattress store. I drive by there now and you can SEE the shopping center.

    At one point there was talk of putting some art on Granby street but it was shot down because it wouldn’t be seen. Sounds like that corner would be perfect!

  2. Denise says:

    I concur and think it would be good for the businesses behind them since we could not see them very well before BP was torn down.

  3. John Knight says:

    It’s great to see all this progress in Ward’s Corner! Thanks to all who have worked so hard to make all this happen! I am still amazed when I look at our transformed area!

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