Hadjikakos out, Andy Protogyrou in for Ward 1

John Hadjikakos has sent an email to supporters notifying them that he is no longer seeking the Ward 1 council seat and instead will step aside and support Andy Protogyrou (who has yet to formally announce).

Here is John’s letter:

Dear Friends:

I have been humbled by all of the wonderful support received regarding my interest in running for the Ward 1 city council seat in Norfolk.  The reason behind my seeking office is to be an strong advocate for Ward 1 so that the area receives its fair share of attention from the City.  As a corporate citizen of the area since 1988, a taxpayer that will be paying close to $100,000 in real estate taxes in the Willoughby/Ocean View area, as well as a new voter to the area I have concerns with the substandard housing found in our ward, the untapped commercial potential of the Wards Corner area, and the fact that the Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan has not yet been effectuated.

My old friend Andy Protogyrou has recently decided to run for this seat.  I am convinced that Andy will do an outstanding job representing the best interests of Ward 1 and will communicate its needs effectively.  He is an eloquent speaker, was raised in the area, and is now raising his family here.  As an attorney and substitute judge in Norfolk he has first hand knowledge of the terrible impact that crime has on our neighborhoods.  I think that Andy is an outstanding candidate and will make a superb Councilman for our Ward.  As such, I have no interest in taking way needed votes that can seal his victory.

I will actively assist Andy in any way that I can and will start my support for him with a $1,000 contribution to his campaign.  I hope that all of you will provide your assistance to his effort.

To my friends that have already provided me with campaign contributions, your checks will be returned within the next few days.

Thank you so very much for all of your assistance and friendship


John Hadjikakos


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  1. Rene Perez-Lopez says:

    Hi , want to send you a contribution! Where?
    Rene Perez-Lopez

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