Shooting in Wards Corner business district leaves one dead

WAVY TV is reporting a shooting in the 7500 block of Virginian Drive at 7:30 p.m. that has left one male dead. More info will be posted as the story develops.

7 Responses to Shooting in Wards Corner business district leaves one dead

  1. Dawn C says:

    Here we go again,what is the count now,three in one week.

  2. RJ Luce says:

    My heart goes out to the families involved in the tragedies in our neighborhood in the last week. The shooting last night on Virginian Drive is the fourth shooting and the third fatality within 1/4 of a mile area in the last week. My greatest hope is that all the neighbors will band together, join with all the organizations that will help our neighborhoods go in a positive direction. You can help by participating in the Neighborhood Watch, civic league or call the police when you see something that “just doesn’t look right”. Help to make our neighborhood a safe place. My thoughts and prayers go to all who are involved. RJ Luce, President, Oakdale Farms /Denby Park Civic League

  3. Nancy Gray says:

    Like Dawn I thought here we go again also, another life lost to a gun. Our league members are as active as they can be BUT we cannot have the impact that a Norfolk Police person has in the community. I think the Norfolk Police Chief needs to take a look at the spike in crime in the Wards Corner Corridor. Can we not get a Task Force of some type from the city? The area is turning into a scene from a wild west movie with shoot outs on the street in broad daylight, ambushes at nights, street walkers and drug dealers patroling OUR streets while the law abiding citizens hole up in thier homes. I think it may be time to begin the old fashioned walking neighborhood watch program that we used to have years ago in the area. To those who already participate in Crime Watch and the Coalition and Civic Leagues please keep it up we need the help! To the parents, friends and family of the victim please know you are in our prayers.

  4. Anon says:

    A life was lost to a thug not a gun. The police and law-abiding citizens carry guns too and ultimately, may be called upon to use them to stop a thug.

  5. Timothy Fox says:

    Outrageous! This is indeed very sad for that young man and his family.

    While we love our community, I’m growing more and more concerned raising my family in the Wards Corner area — as it deteriorates to become “War Corner”. I hear this from many young families too, and I fear we’re soon going to begin to lose some quality citizens around here as they migrate to safer communities…but who could blame them?

    Also, I certainly don’t expect the current crime trend is helping to attract any quality business for the…erhumm…WC revitalization effort.

    As stated in earlier posts, thanks to all who are involved in the community. In addition to the crime prevention efforts ongoing in our respective neighborhoods, we need to be reaching out to our youth, getting involved with them, and encouraging their civic mindedness. We have to be an integral part of changing the culture and ensuring a productive community in the future.

    Oh…and NPD could step it up a bit too…

    Timothy Fox
    Suburban Acres Civic League, President

  6. Susan Proescher-Gary says:

    Hats off to the NPD for the quick arrest in the (most) recent murder at Wards Corner. I have two words for you–Thank you.

  7. Sarah says:

    Maybe they should close down the eye soar that is the plasma center that seems to breed criminals

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