Owner of AJ Gators to present plans for new Wards Corner restaurant

J. Sharer, the owner of AJ Gators, will be presenting his plans for a new AJ Gators at the closed Warehouse Music Store on the southeast corner of Granby Street and E. Little Creek Road. He will be making his presentation at the monthly meeting of the Suburban Acres Civic League being held January 11th, Monday night, 6:30 p.m. at Suburban Park Elementary School, 310 Thole Street.


22 Responses to Owner of AJ Gators to present plans for new Wards Corner restaurant

  1. Dawn C says:

    Is this what we really want in that space? For me its not. I say stay over there where you are. I would rather have a resturant or just about anything than a bar. I realize its already across the street,but I had better vision for that shopping area in the future.Not a positive advancement to me!

  2. Tim says:

    I say give ’em a shot! Parking is horrible at their present location and Gators is a well established sports bar in the Hampton Roads area. They look decent and are not your typical hole in the wall places from the outside. I live in the area of Gators and the gay bar “Nutty Buddy’s” and am constantly calling 911 for all the fights that take place over there at 2am. Gators stays pretty low key comparatively. I wish we could focus our efforts on relocating Nutty Buddy’s and giving Gators a shot!

  3. Jeff says:

    I say too, give them a shot. Gator’s is a clean well run bar/restaraunt, It is not a rowdy ginmill as some might suggest.
    Their parkng lot is a mess, bt what else can they do.
    It just might be the kickstart that corner needs. That miserable looking empty Music Warehouse is an eyesore. If I was passing by, I’d never stop in that shopping center. There are a bunch of neat little shops in there that could use the exposure.
    I say let them have it!

  4. Keith T says:

    I think this is a great idea. AJ Gators is one of the more successful businesses in Wards Corner and their current location lacks adequate space and parking. Contrary to the earlier post, it is not just a bar. It is a full service restaurant, and my family eats there regularly. There is no sense in letting the other location sit empty for years waiting for some pie-in-the-sky dream that will never materialize.

  5. gary A. says:

    Hey Dawn C,
    Have you ever been in AJ GATOR’S? It is so much more than a “Bar” In fact 90% of their sales are food not Alcohol. I am there Most every day either for lunch on my day off for dinner. It gives one a very good feeling to have a local “cheap” establishment for food and drink, in the W/C area. I think it is a very positive move that will increase both revenue for Gator’s and the greater W/C business dist .

  6. gary A. says:

    On a second note.. Most everyone at gators knows me as “Chef G La ”
    Hey Dawn Stop in and I will buy you an App.

  7. Shay says:

    Bad idea for me….I mean its better than a vacant building…but Wards corner have a lot more potential. They should fix the lighting and infrastructure and turn it into a mini town center. They could have a mini hotel like the little marriott at ODU, have a mini town center with QUALITY chain shops like Panera Bread, Chipotle, Jason’s Deli, Five Guys, Firehouse Subs, a Borders or a real Barnes and Noble, and some local shops to mix in. There are a lot of retail that we are missing in that part of Norfolk plus its in close proximity to the Navy and I know for a fact that a lot of Navy men/women miss the QUALITY chains like Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle, Carrabba’s, Cracker Barrel, etc. It seems like we have to drive all the way out in the suburbs (Va Beach and Chesapeake) to get the good stuff.

  8. Dawn C says:

    Thats exactly how I feel Shay. I am tired of having to go to vb or Military Circle for a nice lunch and shopping. That is my hope and vision for Wards Corner.As far as what Gary said about it really not being a bar. Well it is,if I told my husband I was going to AJ Gators rather than Panera, I would get a completely different reaction for him:)…..Its a BAR!

  9. Tim says:

    Where in Wards Corner do we go if we want to shoot a game of pool, catch daily specials, watch sports, such as football on NFL Sunday ticket, and be around a decent crowd? AJ Gators is a great clean bar in our location. They need a larger parking lot and can take this “eyesore” and make it into something good. This could create a positive impact on our area and could draw businesses in.

    –>What about Nutty Buddy’s??? Let’s get them outta there and create even more parking for Gators at their new location!!!!!! <–

  10. Steve says:

    I am a longtime resident of Wards Corner (North Shore Rd.) and I have been bringing my family to AJ Gators for over 5 years. I wouldn’t bring my children to any “BAR”. Infact they have a wonderful kid’s menu. I remember back when Wards Corner was the biggest shopping area between the base and downtown. I think that this move will give our area the “jumpstart” it needs. Right now there is absolutely no appeal in the shopping center. Why don’t we focus on the real problems in the area such as half naked trannies hooking it on the corner of Mr. M’s next to Nutty Buddies and the wreck across the street where Walgreens used to be. By the way, if you want a good bagel, go to Krogers!

  11. Nancy Gray says:

    Wow I say let them move! The parking situation for Gators right now is horrible….bad lighting, around the corner etc. Gators is NOT some baudy bar , it is a great place to meet friends as well as take your family for a casual good meal. As far as attracting the chain type places to Wards Corner…that is a great idea BUT the current owners of that piece of property are the obstacle there. The owners refuse to upgrade or even maintain those buildings! Why do you think Louie’s closed. Gators has made a bid for improving the area by occupying an empty eyesore…let them do it!

  12. Frank Harrell says:

    I think it would be great,you should check out thier other newer locations, with more space to work with it will be a awesome place to go.

  13. Missy K says:

    As a former employee of this location I think it is very exciting for Gators to move into a larger building. This welcomes fresh faces and some POSITIVE growth in Wards Corner for a change.
    Also, for those of you who consider it just a bar, go in on an evening where a coach brings his little league players for a celebration dinner or on weekends when kids are seen dining and watching sports. The love it, and why shouldn’t they? Gators is family-friendly and I am excited to see the new place when it opens!

  14. Andy says:

    I think that moving Gators to the new location would be a great opportunity for the area. It would put an established tenant into what is now an empty building. They are a reputable organization that has multiple locations across the Tidewater area. With the parking on site it would actually bring potential customers to the existing retail stores that exist in the shopping center. It seems like a good opportunity for the customers, local residents and owners.

  15. Old Timer says:

    I think it’s a great idea! Long live the crossroads of the south!!

  16. Chris D. says:

    Shay and Dawn C.— NEWS FLASH….THERE ARE NO BARS IN VIRGINIA!!!!! To get a ABC license in VA, you must sell food. What you would like to see in WC is not what we are going to get. Those chains (Panera Bread, Chipotle, Jason’s Deli, Five Guys, Firehouse Subs) are looking for larger anchor chain retailers. We stand more a chance of seeing those opening at Southern Shopping Ctr because of WalMat. Did yo say Buffalo Wild Wings? That’s the same as AJ Gators!!!!! We have a local business man trying to invest in our area, and you are going to pick him apart. Please go to VB and stop trying block progress in WC.

  17. Jerry Galanides says:

    I ahve done business with these guys on the supply chain for over 10 years, and they are a class act. Great neighborhood grill and sports atmosphere. I grew up in Talbot Park and have seen the ups and downs of Wards Corner. This location would help revitalize the entire corridor. Let them show what they can do with a fresh new location!
    Hometown boys, give them a shot!

  18. Keith Wheelhouse says:

    The AJ Gators Group is a class act, this would be an upgrade to this area. The atmosphere is family friendly and a great place to spend quality time. I have done business with them for close to 1o years and know that there operation is top notch.

  19. August West says:

    Gator’s is a fine establishment, that is family friendly with great food and a very laid back atmosphere. Gators has succeeded in every location and would certainly become a staple at Wards corner and would help booster commerce around the area. Fine idea.

  20. scott mccracken says:

    I have frequented AJ Gators at many of their locations throughout the Hampton Roads area. They are always clean, inviting, and have a family friendly environment for the local community. They are sure to open an attractive, clean and quality restaurant bolstering the current business industry in the area.

  21. mike locklear says:

    I work at aj gators on portsmouth blvd,an,I’m really glad to see our company expand in this economy. Yes,its another bar but its also a resturant too,but its considered a sports bar. Having that put in will give people jobs an that’d what we need right now. For All we know Aj Gators at wards corner could have a positive effect on the area over there.

  22. danabare86 says:

    I did not mind aj gators moving in that spot. My problem they move to that location just be force to move again because the land has been bougth by some where esle.

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