Gunfire in Denby park

April 25, 2009

Beverly Sexton wrote in about gunfire in Denby Park:

Shooting is in the air.  Not spring is in the air.  Last night [Friday, 4/24/2009] between 10:30 and 11:00 I was coming home from a dinner party.  I  turned down Galveston and got almost to the stop sign at San Antonio and bang bang bang and plus I saw the flash from the pistol down in the 300 blockof  San Antonio.  I stoped in the middle of the street and grabbed my cellphone and called 911.  It seemed like forever just ring ring ring.  I started saying bad words and they finally answered.  After I get home I guess it was not over cause I go out on my back deck and bang.  Just one shot.  Guess this person had target practice cause he hit his target.  My point is the weather is getting warmer and the meanest will come out.  In these trying times we really need our police to be out protecting us and let them work overtime or whatever it takes to protect the law abiding citizens of this city which we live in.

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