Gunfire in Denby park

Beverly Sexton wrote in about gunfire in Denby Park:

Shooting is in the air.  Not spring is in the air.  Last night [Friday, 4/24/2009] between 10:30 and 11:00 I was coming home from a dinner party.  I  turned down Galveston and got almost to the stop sign at San Antonio and bang bang bang and plus I saw the flash from the pistol down in the 300 blockof  San Antonio.  I stoped in the middle of the street and grabbed my cellphone and called 911.  It seemed like forever just ring ring ring.  I started saying bad words and they finally answered.  After I get home I guess it was not over cause I go out on my back deck and bang.  Just one shot.  Guess this person had target practice cause he hit his target.  My point is the weather is getting warmer and the meanest will come out.  In these trying times we really need our police to be out protecting us and let them work overtime or whatever it takes to protect the law abiding citizens of this city which we live in.


6 Responses to Gunfire in Denby park

  1. Dawn Crigger says:

    Sorry you had to go through that. They need to change the law back on the city taking over property’s that harbor this kind of activity. Now that that law is in place we will be stuck with crime ridden areas.If we can get these places out and get some nice places in the rents will go up and they will go elsewhere.

    • Mike Lee says:

      I agree completely. I Think that the city needs to get rid of the apartment buildings in this area. Wards corner area would be a safer place to live.

  2. billy says:

    hey bev,
    guess barefoot has the cops downtown protecting all the gangstas that he is so eager to appease and denby will go by the wayside again.

  3. Jeff says:

    Denby Park had excellent police service for a time. I called 2x and had a unit there in literally seconds. The problem is they are pulled 9 different ways, there just aren’t enough to go around.

    I’ve been thr0ugh the Citizens Police Academy and the NPD is staffed with hardworking, professional officers who deal with the worst dirtbags there are on a daily basis. Overtime isn’t the whole answer. We need more police and cars and K9 out there.

    Norfolk needs to pass on the high doller projects and focus on basic services. All the new develo-pment isn’t going to do any good if people don’t feel safe.

    BTW the next time you are close eno0ugh to see muzzle flashes, don’t stop. Hit the gas and just get away, these people don’t care who they hit. They just don’t care about anything. Go home and call 911, don’t risk your safety.

  4. Elyse Kalfus says:

    There are 4 apartments for sale in Denby Park right now. The city should be buying them instead the are purchasing property downtown in South Brambelton to sell back to NRHA, I’ll bet this has to do with the St. Paul’s Quardent. They are going to purchase property on VA. Beach Blvd too. Anywhere but here and any excuse will do.

  5. Addision says:

    In an ideal world the city would buy the apartments as they go for sale!

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