Taskforce Minutes – May 8, 2008

Below are the minutes from the May Taskforce meeting.  They are kept by Carlton “Ray” Ransom, Senior Neighborhood Development Specialist, and were handed out at the June Wards Corner Taskforce meeting.  They can be downloaded in PDF format: Taskforce Minutes – May 2008.  We hope to post June’s Minutes as soon as they are prepared.

Thursday, May 8, 2008, 8:30 a.m.
Norfolk Wellness and Fitness Center


1.    Present

Jennifer Gwaltney    John Keifer    Alice Kelly
Martin Thomas Jr.     Ray Ransom    Jim English
Barbara Laws    Dreama Waterfield    Eric Heard
Joan Grifffey    Louis Eisneberg    Elyse Kalfus
Don Williams    Terry Whibley    Barclay Winn
Marcus Jones    Jay Hanna    Rick Anderson
Harriette Frost    Sherry Romulus    Frank Duke
Janice Hurley    Chuck Rigney    William King
Scott Kennedy

2.    Police Department Report

Captain Gallagher represented the Police Department.  Captain Gallagher provided an update on the recent murder on Beverly Avenue in Talbot Park.  He indicated that there is no indication of this incident being gang related.  Currently, there is an ongoing investigation and the Norfolk Police Department is working in conjunction with NCIS.  The body of a Denby Park resident was found in Chesapeake.

3.    Recap from the April 11 meeting

ACM Marcus Jones discussed last months meeting and provided a handout on the 90 day Rolling Plan.

Frank Duke introduced Ray Ransom, who will serve as the Neighborhood Development Specialist providing staff support for Greater Wards Corner.  Dr. Whibley requested that future agendas delineate more details on the items that are on recap.

4.      Norfolk Collegiate Arts Center

Mr. William King, Head Master of Norfolk Collegiate, introduced his successor Mr. Scott Kennedy who will assume his role in June 2008.  Mr. King provided an update on the future arts center for Norfolk Collegiate.  The addition will be adjacent to the building on Granby Street.  The facility will have a 450 seat auditorium, art studio, and area for media courses.  Facility will be available for public use.  Construction is schedule to begin in 2010 with an 18 month build out period.  The project value is estimated at $8 million.  Norfolk Collegiate has plans to raise an additional $10 million for an endowment.

5.    Public Works

–    John Keifer gave a presentation on past, current and future infrastructure projects in Greater Wards Corner.  There were discussions on crosswalks, the resurfacing program, ADA ramps/sidewalks, an upcoming change in the street sweeping program, street light upgrades, transportation projects, storm water, and utility projects.

6.    Economic Development

Chuck Rigney gave a brief update on the development projects for Greater Wards Corner.  He will provide a full report at the June 2008 Task Force meeting.

7.    Topics of Discussion for the June 12, 2008 Meeting

–    Breakdown of Funds for Greater Wards Corner
–    Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NRHA for Special Service Area
–    Status of Alexis Apartments

Next Meeting:  June 12, 2008


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