City now against Bon Secours’ plan for DePaul

The Virginian-Pilot has the article:

The city [Norfolk] has withdrawn its support for a proposal to radically downsize the Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center and is instead calling for a 134-bed hospital with fully functioning emergency, obstetric and intensive care facilities.

Read: City reverses stance, says 64-bed DePaul would be too small


2 Responses to City now against Bon Secours’ plan for DePaul

  1. Eric Heard says:

    I had the misfortune to have been ill and confined to DePaul for two days about6 months ago. They had already closed a wind with 60 beds. I had to wait for 8 hours to get a room. Finally I was put into the ICU because there was a lack of beds. At that time I realized that the reduction at the hospital would not be good. People were in the halls waiting for rooms. Not sure what the answer is but it is not downsizing.

  2. Tim Smith says:

    We need to PAY ATTENTION to this. The hospital sits on prime land for VERY dense development all the way to the waterfront.
    This would not be good for the neighborhoods around DePaul. All three neighborhoods are 50-70 years old with single family homes. Putting a couple of blocks of high desity housing would hurt these homes.
    We need to keep this area medical related or change the zoning to single family homes.
    We need to plan ahead cause once we read about something in the paper, plans have already been made and at that point it is an exercise in grooming public opion.

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