Crime prevention tips from your Red Sector Police Officers

Crime Prevention tips

From the Norfolk Police Department

and your Red Sector Community Resource Officers

The Red Sector has experienced an increase in residential burglaries.  Many of the burglaries have occurred in the day time hours. We believe that the suspect(s) may be knocking on doors to see if anyone is home before breaking into the home through a front or rear door.

We need your help by using good crime prevention sense.

1.      Be vigilant, if you see anyone that appears suspicious in the neighborhood or in your neighbor’s yard call 911 immediately!

When you call 911 we need to know

·       Is the person male or female?

·       What race are they?

·       Can you tell how old they appear to be?

·       Can you tell how tall they are?

·       How many people do you see?

·       What type of clothing are they wearing?

·       What are they doing that makes them suspicious?

·       Are they in your neighbor’s front or backyard?

·       Does it appear that they are removing items from a house or apartment?

·       Which way are they heading from where you’re located?

·       Have you ever seen them before?

Did you notice a vehicle parked in the area that you have not seen before?

·       What type of vehicle was it?

·       What was the color of the vehicle?

·       What was the license plate number?

Please make sure you write down your serial numbers to all of your valuables in your home such as your T.V.  DVD players, Computer equipment, Stereo equipment, Weapons, Game systems such as Xbox, Wii, and Play stations, your power and hand tools, bicycles, and anything of value in your garage or shed.  Keep the serial numbers in a safe location in case you need them at a later date. 

Please call Crime Prevention 664-6901 to have a Crime Prevention officer to conduct a home security survey of your home.  


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