Granby High School identified as a “dropout factory”

Pilot OnLine  reports on schools that are identified as “dropout factories”, high schools and vocational schools that held on to 60 percent or less of their students from freshman to senior year over three years, from 2004 to 2006:

There are about 1,700 regular or vocational high schools nationwide that fit that description, according to an analysis of Education Department data conducted by Johns Hopkins for The Associated Press. That’s 12 percent of all such schools, no more than a decade ago but no less, either.

Five of these High Schools are in Norfolk.

  • Granby High School

  • Booker T Washington High School

  • Maury High School

  • Lake Taylor High School

  • Norview High School

Wavy TV has listed the Virginia Schools.


One Response to Granby High School identified as a “dropout factory”

  1. The schools are not to blame for the dropouts being so high. The problem is the parents. Some do not put enough emphasis on their children’s education. We have a cycle to break here. We need to get involved with these children and try to mentor them.

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