Payday Lending: Letter from a store manager

October 9, 2007

Virginia Partnership to Encourage Responsible LendingThe following is a letter from William Harrod, a former payday lending store manager, to all Virginia legislators.


My name is William Harrod and until last month I was a payday lending store manager with Check ‘n Go, the nations second largest payday lender. I have worked in stores in Gloucester, VA, Northern VA, and Washington DC. I know that the Virginia legislature will likely consider laws relating to payday lending in your upcoming session and I wanted to provide you some information based upon my experiences as a payday lender for nearly a year. Please understand that the information I convey in this email is drawn from my experiences working in the commonwealth of Virginia, throughout my training experience.

Much of the information I need to convey is already widely publicized. I also understand that the industry comes to your hallowed halls with lies, fabrications, unethical tactics and a great deal of money to throw around. While I understand all lobbyists attempt to convey information to lawmakers in the most favorable way for their client, the payday lenders actually lie. Theirs is an attempt to perpetrate a fraud on your lawmaking body, and continue to operate outside of usury laws.

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