Trucks on Granby Street

The following letter concerning truck traffic on Granby Street was received from Melissa Rogers, the President of the Belvedere Civic League.

Dear Council Members:

It is with great concern as a resident of Belvedere that I bring the attention of Trucks coming down Granby Street.  As a long time resident here it has been very noticeable the amount of trucks taking advantage of this route to downtown.  I realize there is a lot of debate and unknowns for these drivers however our Civic League, Belvedere as well as other leagues off of Granby Street were assured this would not happen.

It is very obvious after 7pm the use of trucks coming thru.  If one driver can do it I’m sure it will be a progressive situation.

As the current president and resident of Belvedere our neighbors are concerned.  We realize council members or even the law cannot control all drivers however we want to ensure Granby Street is not used by these drivers and not taking advantage of for their needs to transport goods; we would think Terminal Blvd. and the Interstates would be of good use for these folks!!.


Please inform us what can be done.  We appreciate your attention to this!


Melissa Rogers


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