Weigh in on Traffic Congestion around Wards Corner!


Greetings –

The Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) is requesting the help of the Wards Corner Now in identifying causes of congestion on major roads around your community.  As the federally-designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for Hampton Roads, we are responsible for transportation planning for the Hampton Roads area, and are required to identify the region’s most heavily congested roads and develop a series of strategies that help move people and goods around more easily.  This is known as Hampton Roads’ Congestion Management Process (CMP).

For the 2014 edition of the CMP, we’ve identified the 14 most heavily congested roadway segments in Hampton Roads, most of which we’re sure your familiar with, including the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (I-64), I-64 between I-564 and Indian River Rd., and I-564 between International Terminal Blvd and Admiral Taussig Blvd.  We’ve identified what we believe to be their major causes of congestion, now we need your help by telling us if you think our observations are correct.  The reason we are asking for your help is simple:  Segments such as I-64 and I-564 serve as important arteries in your community, and is likely traveled by residents on a daily basis.  We need folks to share their knowledge with us on what they think is causing the traffic.

It’s easy to participate.  Simply click on the banner at the top of this message, which will take you to our survey page.  Once there, select the stretch of road you would like to offer feedback on. If you are familiar with more than one roadway, please feel free to take more than one survey. Your comments and suggestions will be incorporated into the final Report, which will then be made available to local planners, engineers, and decision-makers for their consideration when developing project proposals for these congested areas.  The deadline to make comments is September 19, 2014.

Again, your help in making this request available to members of your community to share their experience and assist in the Congestion Management Process in Hampton Roads is most appreciated. If you have any questions or we can provide additional information on this effort, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

All the best,

Brian Chenault





Brian Chenault, AICP
Community Outreach Planner
Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization
The Regional Building | 723 Woodlake Drive | Chesapeake, Virginia | 23320
bchenault@hrpdcva.gov | http://www.hrtpo.org | Phone: 757.420.8300 | Fax: 757.523.4881


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