Red Sector, Third Patrol Division Meeting

Letter from Officer Jackson:

This is to remind everyone that the 3rd Patrol Division Red Sector P.A.C.E. meeting will be on October 12 from 11:00 AM to 12:00PM at the Ernie Morgan Environmental Center next to the Zoo.

Sherry Johnson of the Norfolk Cares Call Center will be our guest speaker. Come join us for lunch.


Officer Jackson


The 3rd Patrol Division encompasses, as illustrated below, a large portion of the southwestern corner of the City of Norfolk.

Third Patrol Division Map

The Wards Corner Partnership Area, west of I-64, is served by the Red Sector of the Third Patrol Division. The remaining portion of the Partnership Area (east of I-64) is served by the Gold Sector of the Second Patrol Division. A map of the Red Sector is below.

Red Sector


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