Meadowbrook fire station construction to begin in December 2015

June 25, 2015
Norfolk Fire-Rescue station #12 has exceeded its useful life and is scheduled to be replaced.

Norfolk Fire-Rescue station #12 has exceeded its useful life and is scheduled to be replaced.

Norfolk Fire-Rescue Station #12, located at 1650 W. Little Creek Road, is 91 years old and has reached the end of its useful life.  The average age of Fire-Rescue stations in Norfolk is 42.

Fire-Rescue response needs have expanded over the years to include areas like emergency medical service vehicles (ambulances) which were not contemplated when Station #12 was designed and built for horse-drawn fire wagons.

The Meadowbrook school site has been identified as the new location for Station #12.

The western portion of the site, directly across from the current Station #12 will house the new Station.  The eastern portion, where the school currently stands, is planned to be a passive park.

The new station will include approximately 14,000 sq. ft., ADA Accessibility and 3 bays at a cost of $5.125 million.  Demolition of the Meadowbrook school is expected to begin in late 2015 and conclude in the spring of 2016.

There are no current plans for the old Station 12.

A public meeting will be held in mid August wherein residents in the surrounding neighborhoods will be able to provide feedback on the architectural design of the new Station.


Meadowbrook School update

March 2, 2015

A quick update with regard to the future of the Meadowbrook School site.  It is expected that the next budget will include money to demolish Meadowbrook School and to build a new fire station on the western portion of the site.  The remaining site will be left as open space to be used as a dog park or otherwise as may be decided in the future by the neighborhoods.

Once the budget goes into effect this summer, the City will begin the process of designing the fire station.  Designs for both the fire station and the park will be in collaboration with the neighborhoods and civic leagues in the Meadowbrook area.

It is expected that the entire project will be complete within 2 years of when the budget goes into effect on July 1.

Wards Corner votes to support Meadowbrook Civic League

February 25, 2014

meadbrookOn February 24, 2014 the Wards Corner Civic League held their regular monthly meeting at the Fitness and Wellness Center.  On the agenda was a discussion of the proposals for, and possible redevelopment of, the Meadowbrook School.

After a discussion among the members, a motion and a second were made to support the Meadowbrook Civic League’s position as printed in their online petition:

· A minimum of 1.5 acres of the site will be permanently designated as a City owned and maintained park (OSP zoning), preferably fronting the 1600 block of Trouville Avenue, with adequate off-street parking for park users.

· Fire station No. 12 may be relocated to the western-most 1.5 acres of the site, provided the building’s architecture is compatible with the adjacent Meadowbrook residential area, all traffic ingress/egress is via Hampton Blvd. or W. Little Creek Rd., and sufficient noise abatement measures, vegetative screening and on-site parking are provided.

· A maximum of 1.5 acres of the site may be reused/redeveloped as single-family homes, provided these homes are primarily brick-faced, have adequate off-street parking, and are zoned R-5, in keeping with the majority of adjacent homes in the Meadowbrook neighborhood. As a condition of sale, the City shall require the developer(s) to enter into a development agreement and deed restrictions, restricting the zoning, use, height and facing as described.

The vote was unanimous in favor of support of Meadowbrook Civic League’s position and a letter of support will be forwarded to the City.

You can review the developers proposals and send in your own comments to the City by going here:

You can sign Meadowbrook Civic League’s petition be going here:

You can follow Meadowbrook Civic League on Facebook here:

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