Meadowbrook School update

A quick update with regard to the future of the Meadowbrook School site.  It is expected that the next budget will include money to demolish Meadowbrook School and to build a new fire station on the western portion of the site.  The remaining site will be left as open space to be used as a dog park or otherwise as may be decided in the future by the neighborhoods.

Once the budget goes into effect this summer, the City will begin the process of designing the fire station.  Designs for both the fire station and the park will be in collaboration with the neighborhoods and civic leagues in the Meadowbrook area.

It is expected that the entire project will be complete within 2 years of when the budget goes into effect on July 1.


4 Responses to Meadowbrook School update

  1. laurie naismith says:

    Thank you Wards Corner Civic League and a HUGE thank you to all the Civic Leagues for supporting Meadowbrook’s priorities for the school property. This is very good news for all of us. It ‘took a village’ to make this happen. It is an example of how working together we can influence City Hall. This is very good news from the City. Thank you Martin for spreading the great news. I can’t wait for the ‘dog leash/bone ribbon cutting’. I think we need to start rounding up a group of Dalmations interested in participating in the fire house dedication. Thank you one and all.

  2. Sheri Hogue says:

    It seems like the neighborhood has already spoken up by turning this open space into a dog park.
    I love taking my dog there to play. I hope this can continue to be a place to go with your dog.

  3. Rebecca Conti says:


  4. Elaine Dawson says:

    Alaska is very happy to hear this news and she and we, her family, look forward to continuing the spirit and community generated by the Meadowbrook School Dog Park! We’ve made some great dog friends and people friends there in the last two years!

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