Self storage facility proposed for 801 W. Little Creek Rd.


A self storage facility is planned for the area between Superior Pawn and the State Farm office.

A three story self storage facility is planned for 801 W. Little Creek Road between Superior Pawn & Gun and the State Farm insurance office.  The site is directly across W. Little Creek Road from the 7-11.

A storage facility is permitted by right at that location so no rezonings or approvals by the Planning Commission or City Council will be required.

A proposed site plan, subject to change, is attached here (PDF).



3 Responses to Self storage facility proposed for 801 W. Little Creek Rd.

  1. Nancy Evans says:

    Nice Restaurant? Trader Joes? Steinmart? TJ Maxx?
    How about negotiating for something that the people are asking for?

  2. Sheila says:

    I think this is better than some of the other stuff that has been popping up. It’ll be good to have a storage facility near the base, too, but in a location where people might as well keep going to shop a bit at Wards Corner.

    Right now, I’m okay with pretty much anything that isn’t a mattress store and will be a source of repeat traffic for the area. More reasons for people to stop and slow down and shop in the area…the more options that will be available down the line. One of the best ways right now to show that Wards Corner can support the places people are asking for is to support what businesses we have and welcome the ones that are interested in taking a chance on an area the city council largely ignores. Heck, let the always available building owners know what you want. =)

    Also, Nancy, the Pancake House will be a “nice restaurant” soon enough.

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