ABC store coming to Wards Corner


IFB_S-016-09_AttachmentFA Virginia ABC store is coming to Wards Corner.  They will be occupying the old nTelos location which is between the current Your Pie and GNC in the Harris Teeter anchored K&K Shopping Center.

According to the regional ABC official I spoke to, the store is meant to be more convenient to those who live in the surrounding area and to alleviate some of the traffic at the Tidewater Drive location across from Southern Shopping Center.

The lease for the property commenced on December 1 and the store is planned to open before the end of January.


4 Responses to ABC store coming to Wards Corner

  1. lynne barrett says:

    That’s a shame. It’s not what we need here.

  2. wc_homowner says:

    I respectfully disagree. There are many people who drink very responsibly and I go to the ABC store maybe 2-3 times per year. And when I have gone, I have wished the ABC store was closer to my residence. That site isn’t big enough for another restaurant, and Ward’s Corner is not a “shopping” destination per se. It’s a convenience destination, ie, groceries, quick stops, etc. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Gosh, I’d rather have the ABC store than another mattress site.

  3. lynne barrett says:

    Unfortunately, not everyone drinks responsibly. I do not look forward to loitering, littering, panhandling, and requests to purchase alcohol for underage people. While it’s true, the location would be convenient, a store of its nature often attracts the irresponsible. By the way, Wards Corner was once a wonderful shopping destination. As a lifelong resident, I was hoping it could once again regain some of its former glory. I do agree with you that a glut of mattress stores are undesirable.

    • Bill Speidel says:

      I don’t see many people currently doing that to purchase beer at the Harris Teeter.

      I’m thrilled to see the additional retail; particularly a shop I’ll visit a couple times a year or when I need a last minute dinner party host gift.

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