Fast-casual pizzeria wants to open at Wards Corner

Your Pie wants to open a location at Wards Corner

Your Pie wants to open a location at Wards Corner

Your Pie is a chain restaurant that offers build-your-own quick-service pizzas, gelato, and craft beers.  Customers choose pizza toppings similar to how sandwiches are ordered at Subway and then the pizzas are baked while you wait.

Your Pie is requesting a special exception from the City to allow them to sell alcohol at a proposed location in the Harris Teeter anchored K & K Square.  The applicant, as a part of that process has contacted the Wards Corner Civic League for input before proceeding before the Planning Commission.

Your Pie representatives will be at the Wards Corner Civic League on March 16, 2015 at 6:45pm at the Fitness and Wellness Center on Newport Ave to present their restaurant plan.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

Your Pie’s website:


4 Responses to Fast-casual pizzeria wants to open at Wards Corner

  1. Bobbie Fisher says:

    Are we ever going to have a decent restaurant (read: sit down at a table, order from a menu, wine selection, vegetarian options) at Wards Corner? Ever??

  2. Bryan Jackson says:

    I like the idea taking a concept and adding it to a different dynamic. I’m willing to give it a try, we need the businesses to support the area.

  3. Scott Vooss says:

    Seriously people. Stop the insanity. All of this would be productive if there was one open storefront and we were debating what should go in. There have been so many empty stores for far too long that we should all be thrilled that a legitimate eatery has chosen Wards Corner to break into this market. And for people complaining about chains, last I checked krispy kreme and dairy queen were chains. I for one cant wait to welcome this new business in the hopes that more will follow.

  4. fsh says:

    Rom Thai owners……..PLEASE COME BACK NOW. You were the absolute best Thai restaurant in the entire area. You are missed. Please!!

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