Attend the W. C. Taskforce meeting on 10/10/2013

A few of the agenda items that we expect to discuss at the Taskforce meeting on October 10, 2013 are below.  The public, as always, is welcome to the meeting held at the Fitness and Wellness Center on Newport Ave at 8:30am.

The BP Gas Station at the corner of Granby and Little Creek:   The property is currently under contract and the developer is seeking an end user (not a gas station).

Parking lot lights at  the Wards Corner Shopping Center:  The owners were contacted about the lights being manually turned off around 9 p.m. Dollar Tree remains open until 10 p.m. The lack of lighting has been creating a safety concern for customers and employees.  The property owners have agreed to place the lights at the Wards Corner Shopping Center on an automatic timer.  Canopy lights were replaced.

City purchased properties in Denby Park:  The City acquired 308, 317, 319, 321 and 325 East Little Creek Road; 328, 334 and 338 Fort Worth in support of the Greater Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan.  Demolition is scheduled to begin on October 21st with a timeline of 30-60 days.


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