4 people shot at Wards Corner night club

WAVY TV 10 has reported the following

Norfolk police are investigating a quadruple shooting that sent four men to the hospital early Sunday morning.

Officers were called to the 100 block of E. Little Creek Rd. to the Visions nightclub for reports of multiple gunshot victims. When they arrived on the scene they found four men suffering from gunshot wounds.

Three of the men suffered non-life-threatening injuries while the fourth victim had to go undergo surgery and his condition is not known at this time.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing and police are trying to determineĀ the circumstances surrounding the incident as well as identify possible suspects.

Four people shot at Norfolk nightclub: wavy.com


10 Responses to 4 people shot at Wards Corner night club

  1. wtf23505 says:

    I can’t wait until I move this summer.

    • chrisdofWC says:

      Bye………. sounds like we can’t wait until you move either.

      • wtf23505 says:

        chrisofwc, not that I need to explain myself to you, I have lived in Norfolk my entire life. Born and raised. I have owned my home in Wards Corner for 12 years. This was not an easy decision for my family and I to come to. I’m not a transient, nor am I in the military. I think you will find one day soon that alot of people will move from Wards Corner. I think in the near future the Texas streets will expand to comsume all of Norfolk. Your attitude is garbage. One would think the more home owners you keep, the better an area will be. I just want to thank you for validating my decision.

  2. Denise says:

    It’s becoming way to obvious that a night club in that location isn’t the answer. No matter the name change or it’s clientele, the management is still the same.

    If we really want to clean up Wards Corner and clean up it’s image, then we have to get serious about what we want and don’t want in the community.

  3. Melody says:

    This club should never have been able to open there after all the trouble the Nutty Buddy had been. No doubt it is mostly people from the Texas streets wandering down this way looking for trouble.

    I’ve lived in Norfolk my entire life and I can’t wait until we put our house on the market next year. I won’t venture out after dark to even go to the grocery store anymore. Wards Corner will never be safe again. A Harris Teeter cannot save the area if people are afraid to shop there.

  4. chrisdofWC says:

    You’re going to be the person on TV when it happens in your new locale saying “I don’t understand…. things like this aren’t supposed to happen here!” It happens everywhere. Until common sense gun legislation is passed in VA, we’re still going to have “wild west” moments like this and worse. Don’t think moving is going to solve this.

  5. Dawn C says:

    I’m with Melody,as soon as I can I am moving. Yes,it can happen anywhere but I still think Virginia Beach is SAFER and thats where I’m going. There also was a murder this weekend on Little Creek in front of the dentist office by the church,too close for comfort. Then last night around 3am I heard gun shots again. Instead of city council being worried about building up our area,they are worried about changing an empty lot in downtown into a park,they are not listening to our complaints,or don’t care!

  6. JoanGriffey says:

    wtf, Chris, Melody, Dawn, Denise
    Please take this argument and dissatisfaction and feelings of neglect by our Mayor, our Councilpersons and others in authority to the Wards Corner Taskforce meeting on Thursday, March 8 at 8:30AM in Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center . If you are unable to attend, please EMail the Mayor, our Council representatives : Whibley, Williams and Protogyrou. They need to hear from you. Please , voices are needed to make the changes we wish . We need you and your family and your friernds, other civic leaguers to stand for what is right. Wards Corner has been neglected for more than 10 years…act, don’t desert. Make it your mission to save our district. We need passion . Elections are coming soon….who will be our advocate???

  7. tricia says:

    I am a little sick that on the news this evening the interviewed the civic league leader. I totally support him and his efforts, but how many people have to die or be injured for them to really push these things. I will be glad to see those shops go. Sad to see some of the stores have moved or will move. If they can upgrade the shopping and get rid of the Texas streets, that I live RIGHT next too it would be amazing. We live feet from Galveston. We love our neighbors, we love our little cozy neighbor hood. We will stick out and not move because once they do fix these things I think it will be a great improvement. I hate the texas streets…hate them. You shouldn’t let fear rule your life, instead try to make a difference.

  8. JEK says:

    This my 15th year in Denby Park as a Homeowner. I like my house, I like the neighborhood, and I have easy access to shoppng even if it’s mediocre. I feel as safe there as anywhere in Norfolk, we’re not all Thugs and Crackheadsn despite what the WC Civic league thinks. I’ve been to many of their meetings, and that’s all I hear when Denby Park pops up in conversation.
    It’s as scary from the FF parking lot all the way to Hampton Blvd, so it’s not just the Texas Streets. However, I know where most of the thugs come from. The Texas Apt’s.
    I applaud Norfolk for buying some of the tenement buildings, they need to buy the rest, rebuild some real homes and attract a balance of stable renters and homeowners. Until that happens the criminals will have a place to hide. BTW I see Visions is closed. Good. Also, to chrisofWC, makng it harder for citizens to legally get a gun won’t solve anything. The bad guys will find them no matter what, and you know that.

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