New Date: Harris Teeter plans to be discussed on February 28, 2012

Talbot Park will be having a civic league meeting on February 28, 2012 (NOT February 21 as formerly reported).  Chris Perry will be there to talk about his plans to develop a Harris Teeter anchored shopping center at Wards Corner.

The meeting will be at Royster Memorial Church @ 7PM.



2 Responses to New Date: Harris Teeter plans to be discussed on February 28, 2012

  1. Small Business Owner says:

    like we really need another grocery store in wards corner…… if you had any sense you would help develop the small businesses that are ALREADY ESTABLISHED and have been for YEARS and bring in some business for them. but instead fill your pockets and wallets and let the soul of our city crumble

    • chrisdofWC says:

      The problem with Wards Corner for YEARS has been that it has lost its anchors. Smith & Welton, Hoffheimer’s, HQ, and Uncle Louie’s were destinations that brought people to the small businesses. Harris Teeter is going to help. It sends a message to other large retailers that we are a market that has not been tapped. I’m interested in knowing who the “you” refer to that is supposed “help develop the small businesses”. Whose responsibility do you think this belongs too? We are extremely lucky the Perry’s didn’t just let this property go empty like the NE corner of the intersection.

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