Mayor mentions Wards Corner in State of City

The Mayor gave his State of the City address today.  He had the following to say about Wards Corner:

In Wards Corner, our development department continues in active discussions with major property owners  in the heart of the business district. Subject to an improvement in the retail sector, new development opportunities are expected to be identified later this year.  City council is mindful that more needs to be done in Wards Corner.  We know and share the frustration with the pace of activity.  There is great potential in Wards Corner, and we are determined to see the effort through to completion.

The full address can be read here (PDF).


2 Responses to Mayor mentions Wards Corner in State of City

  1. Louis Eisenberg says:

    The Mayor’s comments are laughable in light of his support for a special exception to the C-3 zoning to allow a used merchandise establishment at the former Sports Zone location in the Wards Corner Business District. That support damaged the Mayor’s credibility, hopefully not irreparably with citizens in the Wards Corner neighborhoods. We owe much thanks to the Wards Corner Civic Leagues which sent letters to The Planning Department in opposition to the special exception to the zoning. The good people of Wards Corner know better than the Mayor when it comes to what needs to be done to redevelop Wards Corner. The Mayor needs to get more involved in the north side of this city to better understand its needs.

  2. Jim English says:

    Talk is cheap. Lets see some action. I guess the donwtown crowd thinks that we need more Pawn Shops, Rent-to-Own stores,Check Cashing Places and don’t forget thrift stores and more apartments. Fortunately the area Civic Leagues spoke overwhelmingly against the thrift store that wanted to open and they withdrew their application. Good for them…and us. Downtown needs to pay attention. We are tired of the lack of attention!

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