Wards Corner Business District Sales and Revenue down

WVEC.com is reporting that MacArthur Mall and Wards Corner are two of areas hardest hit by the rough economy.

Overall, the report showed a decline of 3.9% city-wide and in Wards Corner it was the worst since 2001.  In fact, eight businesses closed in Wards Corner during the past year.

“It’s the gateway to our downtown and it really has declined to a mere shadow of its former self,” described city commissioner of revenue, Sharon McDonald.

The Wards Corner Civic League says its main priority is having the city buy the land in Denby Park.

The Commissioner of Revenue has posted the 2010 Sales and Revenue Report on her website and the following information can be found within the report:



4 Responses to Wards Corner Business District Sales and Revenue down

  1. John Knight says:

    I wish they would have interviewed us for this story. We would show them some positive business developments in Ward’s Corner. In December, we opened the Movie & Music Exchange adjoining our existing store: The Book Exchange. The positive feedback and steady traffic we are receiving are exceeding our expectations. We have a first class fitness center two doors down that is doing well and the Manager at Payless has seen his traffic increase steadily since the vacancies on both sides are now full.

    All we need now is a pizza shop, sandwich shop or cafe where Regino’s used to be. If anyone wants to make a go of it, I will help them any way I can. A.J Gator’s seems to be doing well also.

    I truly believe that one of WC’s top problems is one of perception. We are in an excellent location, the demographics are good and 55,000 cars per day go through this intersection. We need more positive stories in the media like those found in Joe Skelly’s “Ward’s Corner Good News Gazette”.

  2. Kevin says:

    I agree with John.. we only hear the negatives about Wards Corner when there are so many positives to see as well. Over on the Rite Aid corner we have a staple of Wards Corner with The Pancake House.. in the last 18 months we’ve had a new restaurant (Kabob House) and a tobacco shop (Granby Tobacco) open.. Copies and More have seen it’s revenue increase every year over the past 5 years. These are all positives that never get reported on. It’s really a shame.. Wards Corner could once again become “The Times Square of the South” if only it was given the chance.

  3. J Griffey says:

    Please forward these 2 letters to The Mayor so he might include them in his State of the City address this week. Who knows? It may “tweak” someone in his audience to investigate this area for economic development (after such positive feedback) !!!! Wish more concerned citizens would get involved in the various civic leagues to inspire and stimulate the Council’s economic agenda!

  4. Sales tax revenue collections are down 6 – 6.8% at WC. Demographics drive retail sales. Most retailers use demographics to decide where to locate new stores. Rooftops = demographics. New rooftops = better demographics. No more new rooftops = no better demographics = no better retail sales = no more new retail. It really is that simple. Wake up, folks.

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