Ward One Candidate Responses, Question #1

These candidate responses are being provided in three parts.  All three questions can be found in the article, Brewer, Protogyrou, and Saunders Questionnaire.  We thank the candidates for their willingness to run for office and for the time they took to answer our questions.

Question #1: As you know, Wards Corner Now concerns itself with issues that directly affect the Greater Wards Corner Area.  Please list and describe those issues that are, in your opinion, the most pressing issues affecting the Greater Wards Corner Area.

Chuck Brewer’s Response: I called Mr. Brewer and he stated that he would not participate in this Candidate Questionnaire.

Andy Protogyrou, Candidate for City Council, Ward 1

Andy Protogyrou, Candidate for City Council, Ward 1

Andy Protogyrou’s Response:  Wards Corner has been characterized as the Times Square of the south.  Like Times Square, which fell from grace and transformed itself, our own Times Square is in the beginning of its own renaissance.  Wards Corner is the economic engine of the city of Norfolk and sits at the gateway to the world’s largest naval base. It also provides the first impression of a business corridor when one enters Norfolk from the west.  Though the question seeks an answer of plural issues affecting Wards Corner, the main issue that Ward One cannot wait for any longer is prioritizing the redevelopment of the Wards Corner area.

Ironically, when one examines the Norfolk Redevelopment website, the Greater Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan is one of the oldest plans that remains on the site. The performance over years involving the fruition of the plan’s vision has been anemic at best.
Redevelopment and prioritizing same involves the marketing of the Wards Corner area to local and out-of-town developers, assisting in current business growth and marketing it throughout the Hampton Roads area.  In general, the proper marketing for redevelopment assists in expanding the tax base to allow for better schools and creates jobs which reduces crime.

Andy’s website is www.andy-norfolk.com

Barbara Saunders, Candidate for City Council, Ward 1

Barbara Saunders, Candidate for City Council, Ward 1

Barbara Saunders’ Response: The Greater Wards Corner Area is challenged by being in two wards. The Ward 1 side, which is on the west side of Granby Street, is developed. We have Walgreen’s, Rite Aid along with a full set of tenants in the shopping strip.  But the past leadership for Ward 1 has made promises for upgrading the east side without effectively working with Ward 2 leadership, as well as, the owners of the two large privately owned properties. Now after eight years those promises seem as empty as the store fronts on the east side of Granby, where there are only a few shops that are still open and they are suffering. It is sad that we have to live in that area witnessing the decline of an area so full of potential. All that being said, I think the three issues that are most pressing for the Greater Wards Corner Area are:

  • Empty retail space
  • Crime
  • Public perception that the problem is too big.

Barbara’s website is www.barbara4ward1.com


3 Responses to Ward One Candidate Responses, Question #1

  1. Gary A. says:

    Guestion for Chuck Brewer?! If you are not willing to answer three simple questions of concern from your community, Just what the H*!! are you going to (or not do) in Office. Sorry you don’t have my vote.

  2. Jeff says:

    Brewer lost mine as well. Thanks for nothing. Actually thanks for helping me make up my mind!

  3. Rob says:

    Certainl there must be more to the story about Mr. Brewer not returning his questionnaire. Did he say anything else to you on this phone conversation or submit anything else in writing to the group?

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