Wards Corner Barber Shop featured

15 Barbers

15 Barbers, Courtesy Cindy Clayton- Hamptonroads.tv

The Virginian-Pilot has done a feature on the Wards Corner barber shop, 15 Barbers,  titled “Where were the good old days? They were here at Wards Corner Barber Shop“.

Barber Reggie Minnix worked at the shop for 20 years and owned it for the last 10. Minnix died last summer and left the shop to his children. His son, Dean Minnix, a land surveyor, and daughter, Stephanie Thornton, hope to sell the business to an entrepreneurial barber, like their father.

“Our biggest desire is that it remains a barber shop,” Minnix said. “We want it to keep the nostalgia it currently has.”

Minnix said he has a prospective buyer and is hopeful the business will remain.

A video is also posted here at hamptonroads.tv.


One Response to Wards Corner Barber Shop featured

  1. John says:

    I’ve been out of the area now for fifteen years, but Reggie used to cut may hair, He did the best flattops. I loved 15 Barbers,
    John, from Maine

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