East Little Creek Road – Norfolk’s shooting gallery

September 19, 2009


The East Little Creek Road Corridor between Wards Corner and Wal-Mart is becoming  a gun range with  humans as targets. Two murders this week in the 800 block of Banaker Road. One murder last week in the 300 block of Fort Worth Avenue and today, Saturday,  another shooting in the 800 block of East Little Creek Road. Click here for story.   Why isn’t Norfolk going to war on this dysfunction that is becoming a part of every day life in our area? Is it because most of the  killings and shootings involve black folks? If this criminal activity were taking place in Downtown, you want to bet that the Mayor and several City Council folks would have their mugs all over the television news. Case in point – The Granby Theater shooting in March of 2007. All hell broke loose in the city’s officialdom.  Click here for story . Why is violence in one part of the city dealt with severely and in other areas almost ignored? One answer is institutional racism. Black folks killing each other in Norfolk  is ok as long as it doesn’t effect the economic development efforts in Downtown.


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