Open letter to Mayor Fraim

November 24, 2008

Joan Griffey, Wards Corner resident, wrote the following email to Mayor Fraim:

Dear Mayor Fraim

You were elected the  Mayor of our City of Norfolk.  Recently, you stated that “the growth downtown hasn’t occurred by accident. It occurred because we had a vision.” Wards Corner is a wonderful, but neglected, part of our  city.  Do you have a vision for us??  We are open to a comfortable place for pedestrians to be, to a series of plans for local development, to retail shops and housing and restuarants.  Is there a vision to extend  downtown priorities to our section of the City?   We would love to shed our image as a “deadzone”.  As the City visions   an  user  friendly downtown area for light rail travelers, it should also envision making  Wards Corner user friendly for   I64 /HRBT gridlock travelers.  I refer to Harry Minium’s article on  Nov. 23   “PLAN FOR 2020 RESHAPES CITY”  in the VA PILOT.  We have 4 Council members as representatives of our Partnershiop area. Surely, working with them, a vision could be formed and shaped and acted upon.  We are waiting ……and waiting.  Thank you for making it a front burner issue in 2009.


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