Neighborhood Watch meeting tonight

The Denby Park, Oakdale Farms & Monticello Village Neighborhood Watch is holding a meeting, tonight, September 23, 2008 at the Workforce Development Center at 6:30.

Tonight will be about gangs and their colors and signs. There should be a gang officer there to present a short film and take any questions.


4 Responses to Neighborhood Watch meeting tonight

  1. RJ Luce says:

    Please make time to come out and support our neighborhood. I would like to invite the City Council Representatives who can make it to come by and talk with the residents about the success that has already been achieved in our neighborhood. See you there, RJ Luce

    P.S. Great job Beverly Sexton and Tim Smith!!!!

  2. BSS says:

    Go Wards Corner!!! Take Back Your Areas. It is too nice to let the bad guys take it over.

  3. Tim Smith says:

    We had a good turnout of residents at the meeting and were looking forward to hearing about gangs and their colors. Unfortunately the PACE officers did not show up to give the presentation.

    The residents and the 2nd Patrol are doing a great job and are making their presence known to the criminal element around Wards Corner. This group has made a great start on crime prevention awareness at the resident level.

    The weather is cooler and people are motivated, look for more people getting out and walking (and watching) around the neighborhoods. We will take our streets back.

    See you at the October 28th meeting,

    Tim Smith

  4. beverly sexton says:

    I just got off the phone with officer parker.There was a misunderstanding on meeting date.She had us down as the last tues. of the month.Not the 4th tues.So we will discuss gangs in oct.She is so sorry for not being there.Officer parker does a outstanding job.

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