Virginian-Pilot: Wards Corner retail hub needs rehab

The Virginian-Pilot had an article in Sunday’s paper titled “Once a gem, Norfolk’s Wards Corner retail hub needs rehab

Wards Corner thrived decades ago, housing one of the city’s most upscale shopping centers that luxury retailers dubbed “the Times Square of the South.”

But times have changed in this heavily traveled section of the city.

“It’s a wasteland,” City Councilwoman Theresa Whibley, who represents Wards Corner, said recently of the area’s commercial district. “Any of us who saw what it once was are saddened to see what’s happened to Wards Corner. That area needs a lot of help.”

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3 Responses to Virginian-Pilot: Wards Corner retail hub needs rehab

  1. Joan Griffey says:

    I was surprised to read this second VA Pilot article on our “deadzone” ….is Harry Minium keen on “inside ” info? I hope this article is front and center on the Mayor’s desk. Mr Fraim should be concerned about the taxes being ignored for our city, the blighted appearance of empty storefronts, the fear of patrons to shop after dark, the exodus of shoppers to Greenbrier and Lynnhaven Malls. ATTENTION, elected officials whom we have supported! It is time to quit procrastinating and start acting! Make it a priority as fountains and landscaping in Towne Point Park has been. The article omitted the landlord ‘s name who is keeping us hostage…Mrs Dalis Martone .

  2. Nancy Gray says:

    At 132000 strong we should be able to wake someone in City Hall up with our “roar”! It is in the best interest of each resident to want and demand the changes we were promised so very long ago! Speak up! We want to be a vibrant area once again not the blighted eyesore we have become! City Council stop hiding behind the eminent domain law changes step up, use the laws and codes already in place!I guarantee if we were downtown the changes would be a done deal! Maybe the OV52 would like 132,000 more to join thier lawsuit for change?

  3. Laura Thom says:

    Since the Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan was drawn up long before the changes to eminent domain, Council’s excuse is just that — an excuse. Moreover, there have been businesses interested in Midtown Shopping Center spaces, but Harvey Lindsey has not responded to them.
    I don’t understand what’s behind all the delays. But I do know that the City is missing out on a great deal of potential tax revenue by continuing to overlook Wards Corner.

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