Neighbors aid in catching burglars in Wards Corner

February 28, 2012

Alert neighbors on Maycox Ave, Burleigh Ave, and Ruthven Road in Wards Corner alerted the police to a burglary in progress on Maycox Ave last Thursday, February 23, 2012.  The victim has placed the below sign in his yard as a reminder that it pays to know and look out for your neighbors.


Neighborhood Watch meeting tonight

September 23, 2008

The Denby Park, Oakdale Farms & Monticello Village Neighborhood Watch is holding a meeting, tonight, September 23, 2008 at the Workforce Development Center at 6:30.

Tonight will be about gangs and their colors and signs. There should be a gang officer there to present a short film and take any questions.

Gangs & Crime: Why we need Neighborhood Watch

August 20, 2008

Tim Smith writes in pointing to the WAVY article about the testimony of the Norfolk gang leader.  Excerpts from the article:

Reed testified there are now at least 400 members of the Bounty Hunter Bloods in seven chapters around Norfolk.

On the stand, Reed said the Bloods are actively recruiting new members right now. Their goal, rule all of Norfolk with fear and an iron fist.

Tim Smith says:

“This is disturbing and should act as a wakeup call for all those people out there that do not want to get involved in a Neighborhood Watch program.

This confirms my comments at the last neighborhood watch meeting “The criminals are organized and we need to get organized to fight them.”

Children under 10 years old have no concept of “consequences for your actions” and turning 30 is like another life to them. The news shows these gang members/gang wannabes becoming increasingly more violent (I guess you have to top the last guy).

If we do not clean up our neighborhoods now, revitalization will only be a pipe dream.”

The next Greater Wards Corner Area Neighborhood Watch meeting is on August 26 at 6:30p.m. at the Workforce Development Center.

Update: Greater Wards Corner Neighborhood Watch Program

August 14, 2008

We had a great turnout for the first meeting of the Neighborhood Watch Program being instituted in the Denby Park, Oakdale Farms & Monticello Village areas. There were over 20 people at the meeting and many more signed up but could not make the meeting.

The Norfolk Police Crime Prevention Unit gave an excellent and informative presentation on crime prevention and neighborhood watch. A lot of information passed both ways, police to citizen/citizen to police, and we all look forward to working together to reduce crime in our area.

The group agreed to meet the last Tuesday of each month at the Workforce Development Center, starting with the 26th of August, at 6:30 pm. Some guidelines and ground rules were given and people signed up to be Block Captains and Watchers.

All the civic leagues and neighborhoods in the Greater Wards Corner Area Partnership are encouraged to send representatives to these meetings. As the criminal activity is pushed out of the West Little Creek Road area the other neighborhoods around should have watch programs in place to force the criminal activity out of the Greater Wards Corner Area.

The goals of the monthly meetings will be to:

  • Help each neighborhood develop a watch program tailored to it’s own needs and to offer support as needed.
  • Allow ideas and problems to be shared among the Partnership neighborhoods allowing us to work together as one to reduce crime.
  • Promote safer neighborhoods and retail areas for our residents to live, play and shop.
  • Make communication between communities and police more efficient and effective in reducing crime in the Partnership area.
  • Communicate to our elected officials in a larger and more unified voice the needs of the Partnership area to help reduce crime in our community.
  • Work in unison with the Greater Wards Corner Area Partnership general meeting group and the Wards Corner Task Force for the revitalization of the Wards Corner area.

Other areas of the city are currently working with the police to reduce crime in their neighborhoods and it is imperative that we move forward with this neighborhood watch program for the Partnership area or you may see an increase in criminal activity here. We want the criminals out of Norfolk not just moved around our city.

Thank you,

Tim Smith

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