Partnership Meeting, Thursday

Elyse Kalfus writes in:

Greater Wards Corner Partnership

201 E. Little Creek Road (next to Kroger)   7:00 p.m.

Rooms 202 & 204

September 25, 2008

Roberts Rules of Order will be followed


1.  Introductions: Please stand and give your name and Civic League.

2.  Pace Reports

3. Guest Speakers: Frank Duke, Planning Commission

Mr. Duke will be discussing the Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan as it was originally presented to the people of Wards Corner in 2003.  He will be able to answer questions about the original plan and we will also take a look at what changes might better suit this area now and in the future.  We can discuss these changes and see what will really be the best benefit for Wards Corner.

Please come and join us for this very important event.  Be sure to bring pencil and paper, and if you have a copy of the original plan, take the time to go over it before the meeting and make notes.  The plan can be downloaded from the Wards Corner Now website.

This is a must attend meeting for all of you that live in this area who really have and interest in being a part of making a difference in the place you live and how it affects your future.

Look forward to seeing you all on Thursday, September 25.

4.  Taskforce Update

5.  Committee Reports

6.  Audience Topics for Discussion/ Questions & Answers

7.  Meeting Adjourned


3 Responses to Partnership Meeting, Thursday

  1. Tim Smith says:

    This is the one meeting this year you should attend. The redevelopment plan is what this whole group started on. Everything we have been working on has revolved around the redevelopment of Wards Corner. We have a plan everyone argeed on and if the plan has to be modified, for whatever reason, we all need to be there so our plan is not deluted by people outside of our area.

    Remember the Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan was not based on the Imminet Domain laws, no matter what you are told. The Imminet Domain laws were only brought up, after the fact, as an EASY way for the city to redevelop our area…not the only way.

    I agree the plan needs to be fine tuned but we need to be involed or we will get what we get not what we want. We can not afford to rush into any plan given us. This will not be a one meeting topic, nor should it be. But lets not drag this out for three more years.

    It sounds like someone downtown has already
    made the chages without meeting with us first or posting on this site. Lets use common sense and not emotion at this presentation.

    See you at the meeting,

    Tim Smith.

  2. RJ Luce says:

    looking forward to hearing what Mr. Duke has to say. See you there. RJ Luce

  3. cleabevah says:

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