VP Article on Denby Park playground

The Virginian-Pilot has posted an article that outlines how some residents are skeptical:

“There’s so much crime here,” said R.J. Luce, who lives a block away from the vacant land where the playground will be built, at 352 San Antonio Blvd.

“I’m afraid it will become a magnet for the wrong people. I’m worried one of the children is going to get shot.”

And some residents welcome the playground:

Jody Fife, a mother of two who lives in a house across San Antonio Boulevard from the playground area, said children shouldn’t be punished because of bad elements in the neighborhood.

“If you’re going to take back your neighborhood, you have to try something,” she said.

Read the article: Plan for a Norfolk playground finds critics, skeptics

Remember to sign up to help construct the playground, contact: Melinda Luchun at 823-4210 or email CommunityOutreach@norfolk.gov


2 Responses to VP Article on Denby Park playground

  1. jody says:

    I in no way want anyone to feel R. Luce and I are at “odds” on this issue. She has some very valid points and these issues still need addressing. I pray we can ALL work together to resolve these and see that the children can play without fear of something happening. Hence…the neighborhood watch program.

  2. RJ Luce says:

    Thanks Jody,
    I feel the same way. To all those reading these messages, please help us relaim our neighborhood. Bev Sexton and I walked through the neighborhood tonight talking with the people in our neighborhood, they all have the same concerns I hear voiced over and over again, take care of the crime in our neighborhood! Thank you to all the people who volunteered tonight when we met. Look forward to neighborhood watch, first meeting this Friday August 8th, 6:30 at the city building next to Kroger.

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