Litter Baskets Initiative to include Wards Corner

This month’s Civic Connection, produced by the City of Norfolk, mentions Wards Corner in an article about a Litter Basket Initiative.

Litter Baskets initiative – Public Works has purchased a number of litter containers that will be placed in high litter areas throughout the city.  There are criteria for selecting the locations.  The new containers were selected by Design Review and are similar to those in use downtown and along 21st Street.  Waste Management will empty the containers 3 times per week.  In the past, we have had a limited number of wire baskets for litter.  These will be phased out. The first area where we will be adding containers will be Ward’s Corner.  John Deuel and his staff have been working with the businesses.  We are exploring ideas of limited advertising on the containers.  This has been a combined initiative of the Norfolk Environmental Commission and staff and Waste Management.


3 Responses to Litter Baskets Initiative to include Wards Corner

  1. BSS says:

    How about hanging baskets with flowers for the area?

  2. beverly sexton says:

    Who would water the flowers?

  3. Joan Griffey says:

    Wouldn’t pots/planters of greens/flowers improve the hard concrete look we now have along Little Creek and Granby? But the merchants would have to provide and care for them. The litter clean up this weekend totaled 16 bags …only along the Railroad tracks at Wendys and at the Post Office areas. Hope the new trash receptacles will be used!

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