Bon Secours to appeal denial of plan for DePaul

According to a Pilot Online article, Bon Secours will appeal the State decision that denied the building of a new hospital in Virginia Beach, a 30 bed expansion of its Suffolk hospital, and a smaller replacement hospital for its 238 bed Depaul Hospital in Norfolk. Bon Secours has repeated said that DePaul will be closed if a solution is not found. It is time for the City of Norfolk to get very engaged in the appeal process to save DePaul Hospital.


One Response to Bon Secours to appeal denial of plan for DePaul

  1. Laura Thom says:

    I agree. I think saving DePaul hospital is vital to the Wards Corner community. It is the only hospital easily accessible to residents of the Greater Wards Corner area as well as Ocean View. Without DePaul, residents in this area of Norfolk would be forced go to Sentara Norfolk General, which means dealing with the traffic downtown and paying to park in the hospital garage. Think about it folks, DePaul provides not only immediate access to healthcare including lab tests, but is also a source of jobs. The area around DePaul is lovely, too. Do we really want to lose all this?

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