Very few folks walking the streets of Wards Corner

March 5, 2008

Meadowbrook resident and Norfolk Citizen, Fred Archer, sent the following letter to the editor of the Virginian-Pilot:

I believe it was Sydney J. Harris who remarked you judge a city by the number of people walking its streets after dark. Perhaps we can enlarge that picture to include daytime as well. With that in mind downtown Norfolk thrives and draws us there for food, entertainment and commerce. I applaud how life has evolved in the heart of our community. Now I long to have some of that vibrancy spill out to our other communities and especially to Wards Corner. Since moving to Norfolk 15 years ago I have waited to see some brightening up of this potentially lively part if our city. A couple of years ago I got excited as there was suggested movement in just that direction. Since then nothing but two sterile drugstores. Hidden in the Corner are several gems, The Pancake House, Rom Thai and some businesses one might need occasionally (shoe repair, jewelry, eye care for instance). But there is very little walking about in the area. There is no general store, no trendy watering hole with outside tables. The area is accessible from the interstate and from a number of communities in walking distance. Come on City Council, pay attention to the wonderful possibilities in Times Square of the South. Put our money where your mouth was just a short time ago.

Fred Archer


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