Tea Party 2 to hold a Norfolk city-wide town hall meeting Wednesday, March 26th, 7 P.M.

March 21, 2008
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FACT: Spend, Spend, Spend City Officials are Planning to
INCREASE Your Real Estate Taxes AGAIN!

If you think you should take one councilmember’s advice and just
so you can pay more taxes, stop reading.
If you think Citizens across Norfolk need to join together
to demand a lower tax rate, you’re invited to 

concerning your Future
Tax Bill.

Save this Date:  Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Location:    Lafayette-Winona
Middle School
(Corner of Tidewater Drive and Alsace)
Time:  7:00 pm (
doors open at 6:30)
If you can not attend, please forward your donations to:
Norfolk Tea Party 2
3501 Orange Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23513

Results of Norfolk Tea Party 2 survey are in – Councilman Don Williams fares poorly

February 17, 2008

A crowd estimated at 200 attended a meeting of the Norfolk Tea Party 2 on Saturday at the Banque to hear the results of the Norfolk Citizens Survey. The crowd was reserved as it listened to Larry Gregory eloquently elaborate on the results of the survey. When the results were revealed to the question “Are your City Council representatives doing a good job?”, Councilman Don Williams fared the worst of all the Council members. He received a 74% “NO” vote and a 13% “Yes” vote. Council representatives Daun Hester, Barclay Winn and Randy Wright were in attendance. Virginian-Pilot staff writer Harry Minium was accused by Councilwoman Daun Hester for ruining City Manager Regina Williams reputation because of his stories on Alphonso Albert and the Human Services Department audit. Read Harry Minium’s article in the Virginian-Pilot or Pilot Online.  Brian Smith is to be congratulated and thanked for running a well orchestrated and effective meeting of the Tea Party.

Norfolk Tea Party 2 survey results to be presented this Saturday

February 15, 2008

We received the following email from Elyse Kalfus:

Dear Neighbor,The results are in – please join us Saturday Morning, February 16th, 9:00 am at The Banque
(1849 E. Little Creek Rd).
The Norfolk Tea Party’s 2008 citizens survey asks residents how they feel about real estate taxes, the job performance of city officials, and top issues facing our City – please join us Saturday morning to be the first to hear and discuss the results. The Mayor and City Council have been invited to attend, and we anticipate news coverage as well. 
Please join us. Also please note, as we are conserving our limited resources ($) to get the word out about real estate taxes and important public meetings later this Spring, so we are relying on you to forward this email invitation and bring a friend or neighbor this Saturday morning.

As always, thank you. We look forward to seeing you there

Sincerely, Brian Smith


Norfolk Tea Party 2 Out of Focus?

January 20, 2008

On a cold, rainy and dreary Saturday morning, The Norfolk Tea Party 2 held another Town Hall Meeting. The message that came out of that meeting was as cloudy as the weather outside. The Norfolk Tea Party 2’s past success has been based on doing it’s homework, having its facts straight, and sticking to the issue of a high Norfolk real estate tax rate. Half truths, fuzzy facts were spewed by many in attendance. (We have at times accussed the City of the same thing. We are better than this.) None of this was necessary. The budget of this city is in a written document. Spending by Norfolk is documented; therefore, facts are readily available to the Tea Party if the leadership had been willing to do their homework.  Clearly apparent yesterday was another agenda at work; an agenda to remove the City Manager. The City Manager serves at the pleasure of Council. Obviously, since she is still the City Manger, most of the Council must be satisfied with her performance. And why shouldn’t they be satisfied? Most of the wards in the city are recipients of economic development projects and spending for city services that are improving their citizens’ quality of life.

The geographic make up of the attendees was mostly folks living outside of the Westside of Norfolk. The Greater Wards Corner Partnership area was sparsely represented at the Town Hall Meeting. We in the Greater Wards Corner Area have bigger fish to fry. We do not need to expend our energy in a bitch session, when we have not cleaned up our own mess caused by a lack of proper representation.  The Norfolk Tea Party 2 will not get our Comprehensive plan off of first base; only through our efforts and attention to the task at hand will.

Norfolk Tea Party 2 citizen survey

January 8, 2008

The Norfolk Tea Party is conducting a survey about real estate taxes and the effectiveness of Norfolk City Government. Please take a minute to complete this survey and mail it to: 3501 Orange Ave., Norfolk, VA 23513. Your survey must have a signature and address and be mailed by February 1, 2008.

Also, please feel free to reproduce the survey for your Civic League, family, friends and neighbors who are residents of Norfolk.
Mail completed surveys by *****February 1, 2008*****

You can obtain the survey by visiting www.NorfolkTeaParty2.org or clicking below

Norfolk Tea Party 2 Citizen Survey

Thank you for participating and for your help in continuing to make Norfolk a great place to live and work.

Norfolk Tea Party 2 to conduct a survey on the performance of the Mayor, Council and City Manager

January 3, 2008

The Norfolk Tea Party 2 on Saturday, January 19th at the Banque, 1849 E. Little Creek Road 9:00 am will hold a meeting to conduct a survey on taxes, on the City Council’s, Mayor’s and City Manager’s performance. This is a very important meeting. The Greater Wards Corner Partnership has been stonewalled for too many years on the implementation of the Greater Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan. Please alert all your civic league members to be there. Norfolk Tea Party 2 Flyer

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