December taskforce meeting minutes

December 21, 2012

Thanks, as always, to Karen Mayne for the following minutes.

Talbot Hall Foundation – Jay Taylor

Dr. Taylor represents a group of citizens who are trying to save Talbot Hall from development.  The property consists of 6.5 acres and the house was built in the early 1800s.  The Episcopal Diocese of eastern Virginia has hired Harvey Lindsey to study the disposal of the property, but it is not up for sale as of yet.  The Foundation is looking for community support to preserve the property for some type of public use.  For more information, go to:

Department of Public Works – Alice Kelly

Undergrounding of Utilities at Wards Corner —  The group approved the design of the concrete support poles.  The DPW will put in a budget request for the 2014 budget cycle to place the utilities on the southeast corner underground.

Red Light Cameras – Wards Corner is one of several locations being considered by the City for red light cameras.  Engineering designs are underway.  When the cameras are installed, there will be a 30 day period during which traffic citations will not be issued.

Sidewalks at Suburban Park Elementary – DPW and the Norfolk School System will share responsibility for repairs of raised sections of sidewalks at the school.  Work will be done over the Christmas break.   DPW will repair the sections of sidewalk along the street; the school system will repair the sections around the perimeter of the school.

School Zone Lights – After evaluation, DPW is not recommending additional school zone lights for Norfolk Christian upper school on Thole or the lower school on Granby because the schools are some distance from the public schools they are near and school hours and holidays are different.  They believe that additional police enforcement should help, noting that speeding violations in school zones carry a $400 fine.  DPW will look at placing larger school zone signs on Thole Street at Norfolk Christian upper school and the Norfolk Police Department will work with the school on tips for parents to improve traffic control.

Wards Corner Redevelopment – Chuck Rigney gave a historical overview of the establishment of Wards Corner from the 1940s to today.  No new information was presented other than what we have heard recently through Wards Corner Now about tenants.

May Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2010

Wards Corner Now – May 15, 2010

Wards Corner Now had a meeting on May 15, 2010 at the Fitness and Wellness Center.  As is customary with WCN meetings, the facilitator of the meeting is rotated month-to-month.  Jim English chaired the meeting.  Topics covered were: DePaul Medical Center, Crosswalks, Proposed Construction at Riverside Terrace, Walgreens, Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan, and the Agenda’s for the May and June meetings.  Newly elected City Council member Andy Protogyrou was present.  Below is a short summary, nothing is verbatim.

DePaul Medical Center: While complete long term plans for the site are still in the development phase, Pam Phillips, DePaul Vice President for Mission, outlined the direction Bon Secours will be taking and upcoming intermediary changes to the buildings and property. Sometime this summer the Vincent Building, which is below current standards, will be razed.  DePaul is currently waiting for the state to approve a cancer treatment center.  Future plans include a 124 bed full service hospital which will include obstetrics and emergency services.  Site plans will include green space and water features.  DePaul is in the midst of a fundraising campaign now and  estimates groundbreaking is  to be in 2014.

Plans are also in the final stages for a new community service – a free mobile medical clinic in partnership with local churches.  Patients will be seen by a physician or nurse practitioner.

Crosswalks: City funding has been approved for 7 crosswalks.  WCN attendees agreed that only 2 crosswalks should be installed at this time and it be proposed to City Council that the “saved” money be added to funds supporting the implementation of the Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan.

Landmark at Talbot Park and Proposed Construction at Riverside Terrace: According to developer Art Collins, in today’s economic climate it is unfeasible to continue with Landmark at Talbot Park as proposed originally.  The revision would include 190 apartments in a 4-story building along the front of the Riverside Terrace property instead of developing the area into condos.  The apartments, most of which would be split between 1 and 2 bedroom units, would rent for approximately $1,000 a month. Consensus of the meeting was that the density planned for the site was too high and the possibility for negative impact on the surrounding neighborhoods was too great.  The WCN steering committee will look into the where Art Collins is in the application process and make further recommendations.

Walgreens: After discussion, the consensus was that the proffered agreement for the special exception license to sell beer should be the same as that at Rite Aid.

June Meeting Agenda Items: Norfolk Collegiate and AJ Gators Updates

Taskforce Minutes – June 12, 2008

July 4, 2008

Below are the minutes from the June Taskforce meeting.  They are kept by Carlton “Ray” Ransom, Senior Neighborhood Development Specialist.  They can be downloaded in PDF format: Taskforce Minutes – June 2008.

Thursday, June 12, 2008, 8:30 a.m.
Norfolk Wellness and Fitness Center


1.    Present

Harriette Frost        Joan Griffey            Eric Harold    
Lester Cavagwaro        Bob Layton            Ardith Pugh    
Jim English    X    Louis Eisenburg            Bev Sexton    
Dreama Waterfield        Clarence Holmes            Nathaniel Riggins    
Barbara Laws        Marcus Jones            Barclay Winn    
Terry Whibley         Frank Duke             Ray Ransom    

2.    Police Department Report
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Taskforce Minutes – May 8, 2008

June 14, 2008

Below are the minutes from the May Taskforce meeting.  They are kept by Carlton “Ray” Ransom, Senior Neighborhood Development Specialist, and were handed out at the June Wards Corner Taskforce meeting.  They can be downloaded in PDF format: Taskforce Minutes – May 2008.  We hope to post June’s Minutes as soon as they are prepared.

Thursday, May 8, 2008, 8:30 a.m.
Norfolk Wellness and Fitness Center


1.    Present

Jennifer Gwaltney    John Keifer    Alice Kelly
Martin Thomas Jr.     Ray Ransom    Jim English
Barbara Laws    Dreama Waterfield    Eric Heard
Joan Grifffey    Louis Eisneberg    Elyse Kalfus
Don Williams    Terry Whibley    Barclay Winn
Marcus Jones    Jay Hanna    Rick Anderson
Harriette Frost    Sherry Romulus    Frank Duke
Janice Hurley    Chuck Rigney    William King
Scott Kennedy
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