WC History: October 29, 1947 opening of Midtown Shopping Center

Images and text courtesy of the Virginian-Pilot:

67 years ago (October 29, 1947) 10,000 people crowded into the site labeled as the Midtown Shopping Center. Today, generally, we call the area Wards Corner – as many called it before the Midtown Shopping Center was constructed – and continued to call it after. Those on hand that evening witnessed the formal opening of the Shopping Center which was arranged by the developers, owners and operators of the 20-odd retail outlets there. The Principal speakers for the opening were Lt. Gov. L. Preston Collins, and the Norfolk City Manager C.A. Harrell. A second night of celebrations was scheduled for the 30th with an even larger crowd expected. Photos by Virginian-Pilot photographer Charles Borjes c/o The Sargeant Memorial Collection.


One Response to WC History: October 29, 1947 opening of Midtown Shopping Center

  1. Joe Postove says:

    Was this developed by Dan Dalis, or did he purchase it at some point? My Dad owned the key shop at Midtown (nobody called it that…it was always Wards Corner) and was a friend of Dan and his wife Joan Dalis (who I remember so fondly as an incredibly nice and beautiful person who always fair with my Father.

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