Lafayette-Winona Middle School Transformation

Dr. Brad Robinson, a member of the Norfolk School Board, passes along the following information about the Lafayette-Winona Middle School Transformation meetings:

lwsApril 24: An information session is scheduled at Lafayette-Winona for parents of rising LWMS sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students.  At the meeting, parents will receive an overview from Dr. King, followed by a personalized letter from the principal of their proposed receiving middle school and a presentation from that principal.  Parents also will receive information about specialty programs such as the Academy of International Studies at Rosemont  (5:30 p.m. at LWMS).

April 28: A School Board public hearing is scheduled to receive public input regarding the proposed closure of Lafayette-Winona Middle School.  Following that meeting, the School Board will make a final decision regarding the
closure  (6 p.m. at LWMS).

Check the NPS web site for more details:


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  1. cigimeredith says:

    Wow, I am Impressed with school administration they are being very professional and considerate to the parents of the students who will be attending elsewhere this coming september. A great advance approach. Lafayette-Winona was a replacement for Willard School which was joined with Willard Model School At Lakewood. Administration: Roy Nichols Superintendent followed Gene CartersVision of having a Mid-Norfolk Middle School, Closing Campostella Middle in Campostella and re-locating middle school Students from BayView and then adding Fairmont Parks Students. Well, the mix was never good. The student behavior was out of control from week one and progressivly got worse. Teachers/instructors had no control. It was discovered that every year the school had students 16- 17 years old attending – and remained until parents reported this to downtown. every year. So, this experiment of combving South side Students with North Side Students and adding Mid Town Students has proven a terrible failure. The first year, the building built for a nominal 800 students housed 1230 students, soon trailers popped up on the premises and remained until recently. The best solution for this site is to change it’s mission as an academy of some sort and give it a new identity as well, I Like “Central Norfolk Academy of Math and Sciences” or somthing along these lines. I was part of the transition team and was the first PTA President for several years. I have many a story to share – but it’s a new day and I’m laying my stories to rest. Again, I commend Administration for the ‘pre-change’ meetings with the parents. The big problem was/is the busing.

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