Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Community Collaboration Center in the news

The Virginian pilot printed an article and an opinion piece about the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s new Community Collaboration Center recently opened at the Workforce Development Center in Wards Corner.

Michelle Washington wrote an opinion piece titled Working together at Wards Corner.

Placing the office in Wards Corner between the redevelopment under way at the intersection of Granby Street and Little Creek Road and the continued crime problems in Denby Park makes sense. It increases the likelihood of continued change for good. [Commonwealth’s Attorney Greg] Underwood called it “complementing the transition.”

The Pilot also printed an article titled Norfolk center aims to connect victims with legal help.

Norfolk Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Linda Bryant said that’s exactly what the Community Collaboration Center is designed for. The proximity to neighborhoods in Wards Corner will allow more visitors who are reluctant or unable to travel downtown, she said.


2 Responses to Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Community Collaboration Center in the news

  1. Louisiana Resident says:

    I wasn’t sure where to post this to get this question answered. I live on Louisiana and today (Nov 8) there is load blasting, it sounds like explosives coming from the Wards Corner shopping center. There is no crew there working – no work trucks, no equipment, etc – but the sound is so loud that it shakes my house. It has disrupted our life for the day. I’m unsure if it will continue or if this is just for the day. I did not recieve any form of notification that this would occur so I was unable to prepare in advance. I am very concerned. Does anyone know what this is from? I am familiar with demolition work and this is unexpected. Thank you for your help.

    • I contacted the developer. The police department is currently dong some training at the shopping center which is resulting in the “blasting” sounds. This is only expected to be a one day training exercise.

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