The Movie and Music Exchange opens Saturday

Ward’s Corner welcomes “The Movie and Music Exchange”:

Movie & Music Exchange

Movie & Music Exchange

The Movie and Music Exchange is having it’s Grand Opening in Ward’s Corner this Sat. Dec. 18.  We hope to be a postive force in Ward’s Corner by transforming a vacant store into something everyone can enjoy.  We are a family friendly store with a kids area in the back.

This area is conducive to constructive activities for children and also contains a wonderful mural of some popular animals that can be found in movies and the Norfolk Zoo.  Come see the largest selection of DVDs and CDs for sale in Norfolk. We have 1000’s of great titles in stock. You can trade yours for ours or just buy them outright. The
Movie & Music Exchange is connected to our sister store, The Book Exchange at 116 E. Little Creek Rd. Call us at 583-2667 or see for directions. We guarantee you will like this addition to Ward’s Corner!



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  1. John Knight says:

    I forgot to mention that we will have free food and drinks during the Grand Opening this Saturday!

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