Send A Letter of Support for DePaul Hospital

Bon Secours DePaul Hospital is very much appreciative of the support that the Greater Wards Corner Civic Leagues have shown for their proposal for a new DePaul Hospital. Attached is a sample support letter. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please call Marie Biggers-Gray on her cell at 737- 2207. It is important that DePaul keeps track of the letters going to the state. They would like a copy of the letter faxed or mailed to them. The fax number is 889-5790 or mail to:

Bon Secours Marketing and Planning
110 Kingsley Lane
Suite 511
Norfolk, Virginia 23505

DePaul would also like to offer to pick the letters up, make a copy for the author and for their records and send the original letter to the state and send a to copy to the author.

Again thank you for your assistance. It is important that the state hears from the community.


2 Responses to Send A Letter of Support for DePaul Hospital

  1. melouie says:

    Depaul is faced with either downsizing to a 54 acute bed hospital with an emergency room and six operating rooms or closing. The latter would be unimaginable for our area.

  2. Betty says:

    This would be a disaster for all the elderly who live in the service area for DePaul hospital. Many elderly don’t drive and how would they visit aging friends in Virginia Beach or Portsmouth hospitals? At least the Kingsley Lane hospital is accessible via public transportation.

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