Robbery and Shooting in Denby Park

Beverly Sexton, resident of Denby Park, wrote in notifying us of another shooting in Denby Park.  The shooting and robbery occurred in the 300 block of E. Little Creek Road today, Wednesday, May 6th, during the mid-morning hours.  One person was taken to the hospital for treatment.  It is believed he was shot in the shoulder or arm.


7 Responses to Robbery and Shooting in Denby Park

  1. It is time to put the pressure on our elected city and state officials to ratchet up the pressure on the state legislature to support the use of eminent domain in urban areas to clean up social blight. The non-conforming multi-family structures in the 300 and 400 block of E. Little Creek Road, on Fort Worth Avenue, San Antonio Boulevard and Ashlawn Drive would not have been built had today’s zoning ordinances been in place back when the owners of these structures applied for building permits. The past poor decisions of a City Planning Department allowed builders to construct these multi-family structures on single family lots in single family middle-class neighborhoods. At the time, some of these neighborhoods objected to these structures being built, but their voices were not heard by a pre-Ward System City Council.
    The good citizens of Denby Park, Monticello Village and Oakdale Farms have been victimized for far too long by the dysfunctional urban terrorists that dwell in these rat nest structures. The city owes it to these citizens to stop using the excuse of not having the tool of eminent domain to deal with this socially blighted area. The City must pony-up the dollars necessary to buy these non-conforming structures and tear them down. They are like cancer. Unless removed they will eventually kill what would could be nice single family neighborhoods. No amount of remodeling, renovation or social programs will kill the cancer caused by these non-conforming multi-family structures.

  2. Dawn C says:

    I agree with you so much Louis. I think maybe if the city council doesn’t start hearing our cries we should consider cleaning house on the city council at election time. Unfortunately with the warm weather it is probably going to get much worse.

  3. RJ Luce says:

    First, thank you to the police for the quick responce in the recent past of all the shootings and homicides in our immediate area.
    I agree with Louis that there needs to be a different approach to fixing the blight in our neighborhood. Have asked that NRHA or the City of Norfolk purchase the apartment complexes that have recently come on the market. The camera’s can and should be a good tool for our police to enhance their efforts. Having trouble understanding what is taking so long to get them right.
    Looking for city officials, all of them, to step up and assist the neighborhood with taking the needed steps to stop the violence in our neighborhood.
    Thanks to all my neighbors who look out for each other and work daily to help each other. Special thanks to Bev Sexton for her continued support.

    RJ Luce
    Oakdale Farms / Denby Park Civic League

  4. Nancy Gray says:

    Our Civic League tried to fight the construction of the apartments in Monticello Village, but thanks to the ole boy network that operates in Norfolk we were defeated. Who would know better about rezoning an area than the people that actually OWN property IN the surrounding neighborhood? Now that ship has sailed and the neighbors are the ones stuck with the drug dealers, prostitutes and alike that love to take over these apartments. We are/have and will continue to bend the ear of our city officials about cleaning up the mess. The cameras are only there to make us feel good, they are not actually being monitored so don’t think those are going to be of any help in catching criminals. I for one ,have heard enough of the City of Norfolk talk it is time for the city to walk the walk….show me results. Denby Park/Monticello Village and Oakdale Farms neighbors are trying to do the best we can and we want to thank the Partnership for the support they give to us. I wish the City of Norfolk would give us the same amount of support!

  5. jeff says:

    I’ve almost lost count of the shootings lately. It’s hard to feel safe in my neighborhood (Denby Park) as of late. More Police coverage, Cameras, Code enforcement, etc. are just Band-Aids. As so many have said the answer is to raze those apartments.

    The buildings are a safe haven for what are basically Terrorists. I pass by on my way home once or twice a day, and I’ve seen drug deals going down in broad daylight. Prostitutes have taken to walking down the sidewalk in front of kids playing in their yards. There are people walkng down the street peering into car windows of those who park on the street.

    I don’t slow down or even use my turn signals when turning onto my street after passing by the apts. To take my safety into my own hands I obtained a CCW permit and bought a handgun, and carry it when I walk my dogs regardless of the time of day.

    I shouldn’t have to live like this. This isn’t Iraq, it’s a small neighborhood with decent people living in it. Why can’t we get some help.

  6. dave says:

    The simple reality is that no one downtown lives in out neighborhood so, they do not care. As long as they get our tax money, and we pay our SPSA bills their lifestyle is secure and we are getting the neighborhood we deserve…
    After all its about the government these days isn’t it?
    Of coarse if we were to try and take action ourselves they would label us terrorists and find time to persecute us.
    God Bless the “New” America!

  7. jeff says:

    This is rich. From the link to “A City of Safe Decks”.

    Norfolk residents who would like their deck inspected may call 664-6512. For more information, visit

    I gbuess the appearance of caring for our safety is better than nothing.

    Since my neighborhood isn’t safe, at least the city can make sure my deck can be. Assuming I dare to use it.

    Come inspect my deck anytime, just bring your Kevlar and a police escort. BTW Early mornings just after dawn are best, the thugs like to sleep in after a late night of robbing, hooking and shooting at each other.

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