Another murder in Denby Park / Oakdale Farms

The Virginian-Pilot reports:

A man was shot and killed this morning at an apartment complex on East Little Creek Road.

The shooting was reported at 2:52 a.m. in the 400 block of E. Little Creek, said Karen Parker-Chesson, a spokeswoman for the police department.

She said the man was found inside an apartment building at the address, but she didn’t know any other details.

The man, described by Parker-Chesson as unidentified, was pronounced dead at 3 a.m.

No arrests have been made, she said.

The Pilot’s article:  Man shot, killed on E. Little Creek Road in Norfolk


2 Responses to Another murder in Denby Park / Oakdale Farms

  1. jeff says:

    Yet another reason to raze those apt. buildings. They are just a concrete rats nest that fosters misery and generates crime.

    Denby Park is trying, but we will never move ahead until we are rid of that hiding place for the criminal element.

    Instead, the city concentrates on rusty fences and trash bins placed out too early. Just another burden borne by the homeowners who deal with the drug sales, petty theft and racing cars on a daily basis.

  2. beverly sexton says:

    well we had another shooting friday night.Guess where.300 block SanAnitinio.I sure would like to see the police dept. working over time.Which is more important protecting law abidding citizens or the budget?

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