Wards Corner Clean Up this Saturday

Jennifer Lanz writes,

You may have already heard that this Saturday Granby High School students and Ward’s Corner Businesses are joining efforts to work in the area to pick up trash. Business students will participate in order to earn community service hours as well as learn the rewards of giving back to the community. In addition, another group of students from the general population at Granby will help out. These students are interested in being sponsored financially to register and run in the Virginia Beach Shamrock 1/2 marathon.

Last year we had 57 students who set a goal to train for, and finish a half-marathon. It wasn’t about speed, but about positive, healthy choices. Our kids finished in times ranging from 1:36 to 4:45, but all had fun. There was such camaraderie among the students with the group runs, and friendships were forged that would never have happened otherwise. Every kid felt successful!

This year we have upwards of 100 students who want to participate. The Shamrock organizers, (Jerry and Amy Frostick) are assisting with some financial help. The store, Final Kick, is sponsoring several fund-raisers, but we need more help. Last year, we were able to raise some money,but with so many participants, it’s quite a task. Do the math—–we need about $7500 !!!! Anything the WCBOA could do to help would be greatly appreciated! I will be at the December meeting to give more details and suggest ways that you can help.

Come out on Saturday and meet the students. My cell phone is 619-5962, home is 340-4905. Rain date is Dec. 13th.

Jennifer Lanz
Business and Information Technology COE Coordinator
Granby High School
7101 Granby St
Norfolk, VA 23505
(757) 451-4110


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  1. Elyse Kalfus says:

    The clean up on Saturday was a great success for Wards Corner. I want to congratulate Laura Thom, Jennifer Lanz and all the students from Granby High School as well as the other adults who participated in this event. Your efforts are greatly acknowledged and appreciated.

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